It's Monday morning.  You get up, have your coffee and make your lunch.  Yes, yesterday you decided that THIS Monday is THE Monday where it begins.

You pack a healthy lunch and make plans to go to that tabata class during lunch.  You feel proud.  Gym bag in one hand and lunch bag in the other, you are ready for work.

Monday goes great.  You say no to every candy offered to you, you drink lots of water (from your awesome new water bottle) and don't eat junk at all that evening even though the kids have some not-so-healthy snacks before bed.

Tuesday goes just as smoothly - you are on FIRE! You got this.  

On Wednesday, you have one piece of candy and a dessert after supper.  A homemade oatmeal chocolate cookie, so it's not so bad.  You manage to say NO to the chips that your partner brought home for your late night snack!

On Thursday, you don't have time to make breakfast so you stop at a drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich, but you say no to the hashbrown.  You're doing good. You haven't skipped tabata this week yet!

On Friday, you are feeling the effects of the week and decide to go at the drive-thru again AND go for the hashbrown.  You skip tabata because you are pooped, you opt for coffee #2 instead.  When you pick up the kids, you stop at the grocery store to grab a pizza - screw this! You munch on pizza and drink some wine. Hey, it's Fri-YAY!

Saturday and Sunday, it's all a blur.  There was chips and candy and booze and too much to do to fit in a decent workout so you decided not to even bother.

Sunday night brings a flood of regrets and guilt.  You hop on Pinterest again and make a better plan for the week.  This is THE WEEK where it really begins...again.

You  are a busy mom.  Between work, hockey practice, dance class, chores, quality time with the partner and a shower somewhere in there.. you are overwhelmed!

You're always feeling sluggish, stressed and moody.  You would give *ANYTHING* to have more energy and lose the love handles.

You wish you would have the MOTIVATION, DETERMINATION and WILLPOWER to actually keep it up and not have to start again EVERY SINGLE MONDAY.

That's where I come in.  

I'm Nadia Castonguay, a Personal Trainer who has a passion for helping busy moms sneak health & fitness into their busy lives with delicious meals that the whole family will love and quick workouts.  After more than 10 years of research, seminars and many classes, I started my business to share my knowledge with other busy moms.  I am here to show you that there is a way to eat well (without having to make different meals for every member of your family) and move your body (without spending hours at the gym) without adding busy-ness to your already very busy day.

I work one-on-one with my clients to take the guesswork out of meal planning and exercise routines.  

If you're ready to stop wasting your precious time and jump on the ''I feel so good'' health train, click here to get started.