You want to take control of your health?

Here's how to begin Your Journey!

Take a moment.  Do it for YOU!

Make the decision.  I losing weight what you really want or do you want to feel great, have more energy, have clear skin, etc?

Make a plan. Yes, I'm talking meal and fitness plan, but I'm also taking on HOW to fit it into your busy schedule.

Once you've made your plan, schedule it! Yes, write it in your planner or set a reminder on your phone.  It's a date with yourself, don't cancel!

Start slow! No need to throw everything out (or eat everything because tomorrow begins the restrictive diet).  Plan on making 1-2 changes per week.

- Find recipes on Pinterest to incorporate more veggies into your diet. (follow my recipe board HERE)

- Add flavour to your water to make it more fun and yummy.

The idea is to always think of what you can ADD to your diet instead of what you should cut out.

Today's homework: Take 10-15 minutes.  Decide, Plan & Schedule.

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