The Ultimate busy mom guide to meditation

Have you been seeing all this meditation stuff on the internet or is it just me?  Everywhere I look, I see articles, videos, how-to's and YOU MUST MEDITATE!  

The thing is, I sometimes feel like I don't even have the time to go pee in can I manage meditation?  

I've been struggling with this idea and trying to find a solution for a while now.  Until my mom booked a super weekend getaway that will answer all of my questions.

I am back from an amazing (and very relaxing) weekend.  Lots of meditation and benedictions were on the menu.

This time in silence got me thinking..

First - that I had done my meditation for the month,

Second - what am I talking about!!! This was so fun that I must find a way to make meditation part of my daily life.

The question was clear, but the answer took a little longer to come to me!

When you are a busy mom, taking time to catch your breath can seem like an impossible task and it shouldn't because, it will help us be better moms!  More patience, more love, more calm, ... YA! I want this too!

Without further teasing, let me give you my ultimate guide to busy mom meditation:

1. Sacred Spot (fill it with Buddhas, crystals, incense, angel cards, family pics, etc.  Fill this spot with LOVE!)

2. Notepad & pen

3. Nature sound (App)

4. Timer

5. Deep breaths or Peace Begins With Me

6. Acknowledge your thoughts.  Write it down if it's brilliant.  Keep going!

7. Once the timer goes off, open your eyes and take one last cleansing breath.

8. Take it further by choosing an angel card.

9.  Bonus points: Build a sacred spot for your child.  Instead of a time out chair, put them in the chill out corner!

Let me know once you make your sacred spot! I'd like to see it! Share your pics with me on Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter or Pinterest!  Don't forget to use the hashtag #journeytoselfcare and tag me @nadiacastonguay (@castonguaynadia on Twitter ;) )

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