Nadia's Tips on becoming a morning exerciser!

If you are on my facebook page or Instagram, you may have noticed that I get up early to workout.  


O.K. so, you noticed, and you are wondering:

1- If I'm crazy!

2- How do I do it!

3- How do I manage to do it!

4- All of the above!!

The answer isn't too complicated...

I realized that by not working out in the morning..I never do.  I get to 9PM when the kids are in bed and I'm exhausated, look at my yoga mat and think ''AHAHAHAHAHA, maybe tomorrow..or once the kids are in college!'' 

I got annoyed.  I'm at a point where I feel the difference a workout makes..and need that rush of positivity in my life - daily!

After careful consideration (I mean, I COULD workout at 9PM...right?!?), I decided to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to workout (and make the lunches the night before so I could take a shower after the workout!).

If you wish you could have the determination and motivation that I have, let me stop you there! It has nothing do to with either one.  I simply made the decision and made a plan!  In today's blog post, I will share how you can make your plan too!


Nadia's tips to become a morning exerciser!

1- Decision! Look at your schedule.  Look at your life.  Is there a moment in your day where you could squeeze in a 20 minutes workout?  Is this a priority for you?  Are you willing to make some changes (less TV more fresh air?)?  Do you need to make more time (a.k.a wake up earlier)? ETC?

2- Plan!  Now that you have made the decision to wake up at 6AM, let's plan out how it will happen for you.  Do you need to get everything ready the night before (lunches, clothes, bath in evening instead of morning, etc)? Do you need to set up a workout corner in your house for easy access?  Do you need a workout video, youtube channel, print out, etc?

3- Give yourself time!  You won't be super pumped about it the first time and it's normal... The thing is, JUST DO IT!  It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so give yourself time to get used to the idea.  Maybe you'll love, maybe you'll hate it.  Maybe you'll find a way to workout during your lunch beak because you really need that 30 minutes of sleep in the morning.  Baby steps! Start by waking up 5 minutes early to do push-ups and sit-ups before you shower, then 10 minutes, 20 minutes, ...

4- Get the kids on board!  If the kids are old enough to understand, explain it to them.  Between 6 and 6:30 I'm working out, don't bug me! ;)  I drew a fabulous sign for my kids.  If they wake up and see this up, they know that they can get out of bed and that it's early enough for them to watch some TV and chill before it's time to get ready for school!  Adèle loves to join me, but she's usually pretty good at staying upstairs with her big brother now.

 Beautiful..right?! lol!

Beautiful..right?! lol!

5- Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day...or a week!  Last week, I needed more rest, so I skipped all 3 of my morning workouts.  Who cares!  This Monday, I jumped right in again and goes on!

6- Find a buddy or a community!  If it's possible for you to get out of the house and workout with someone in the early AM go for it!! If not, join Team Journey to Health to help you stay accountable!! 

7- Make it a competition (with a reward, of course)!  Ex: The first one to miss a day does 20 extra push-ups or treat yourself to new gym gear after a solid month. 

Do you like this idea?? How about we all jump in, join the Team Journey to Health community and ...make a friendly competition out of this?! Click over to see all about the challenge, competition and fabulous weekly prizes!!

If you are still reading, LUCKY YOU! I have a little something for you! 

Even as I write this blog post, I keep thinking ''They'll be exhausted just reading about waking up early, what can I do to help them a little more?!''

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