There are too many people counting calories...

Let me start this one with a BANG!

There, I said it! It bugs me when you walk in somewhere and hear women talking (it's always women) about their new diet.  How they have to weigh their food, cut back on foods they love, how they need to eat salads (they HATE salads) and are already dreading the starvation that will come with all of this.. 

Wait what?!?

First of all, it doesn't just bug me, it quite frankly pisses me off! We live in a world so messed up that women (and some men) think that in order to lose the weight they need to starve and eat salads.. Arrrghhh!!

Yes, there's the whole calories in, calories out, but let's get real here:

What about the chemicals?

Are you looking at the ingredients on the back of that box of crackers or are you just making sure that they don't contain cholesterol?! (Believe me, with all the sugar and chemicals you are'll be creating a wonderful mix something really bad in your body, never mind the cholesterol!)

Stop looking at the percentages to make yourself feel good and really LOOK at WHAT you are eating!

Can you pronounce those words? Do you know what they are (as in, could you point out carrageenan if it were shown to you?)? Is this food or food-like product?

Let me say this one again: IS THIS FOOD OR FOOD-LIKE PRODUCT?

Now, let me remind you that I am nowhere near perfect!  If you see me at the grocery store, I too will have those awful fishies cheese crackers in my kids love them.  I don't go full on Organic because:

- I need to pay the bills too! (There, I said it! That's 2 in this post only!) 

- I need to feed my kids! Yes, they do eat some organic veggies, fruits and other...but they still enjoy non-organic stuff too.

What this blog post is here to do is make you aware.  Awareness is key.  Making a few small changes will really make a difference (a difference that you will feel!) 

Please, stop worrying about calories! Watch what you are eating, make sure it's actual food.  You'll see, health and maybe even weight loss will follow automatically (no boring salad or starvation necessary!)

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