Keep it up during the Holidays - Fitness Edition

I don't know about you, but I'm getting started (actually almost done) on my Christmas shopping early this year.  Again, if you're like me..when you start too early, you end up buying too much stuff and not sticking to your budget! So..November is perfect.  The malls are just starting to get crowed..and you can order your stuff online without having to fear that it won't get to you on time!

Now that you have the shopping under control, what about everything else.  I constantly hear people say that the Holidays are not only the most wonderful time of the year, but the most stressful too!  I agree.  If you are not prepared with a plan of attack..the Holidays can leave you looking like a wet cat.

Here's the deal.  You gotta plan, schedule and commit!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  As much as it sucks to leave spontaneity at the door when you become a busy's just something you have to do if you want to stay on track (urggh, I hate that term..let's come up with something better...if you want to keep your cool..I don't know, we'll figure something out!)

Here are my top tips to survive the holidays - Fitness Edition

(You guessed it, there will be a Nutrition, Beauty and Spirituality component to the special series too!!YEAH!)

1. Do it early in the morning.  Wake up earlier than the rest of your crew and make it work (say it in a Tim Gunn voice of course!).

2. 1x 30 minutes, 3x 10 minutes or 10x 3 minutes all equal 30 minutes.  It's all the same for your body too!  The idea is to move..not how long you can keep going.

3. Get the kids and hubby on board.  If waking up at the crack of dawn is not for you and you can't find a peaceful moment to fit in some alone time...tell them that they are either in, or have to leave you alone!  Go for a walk as a family, ski, skate, slide..all the fun winter activities! (HERE is a list of 50 activities from Today's Parents!)

4. 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 tricep dips + 10 criss cross abs (standing up) before you hop in the shower.  Do a few leg lifts while you brush your teeth.  Lunge instead of walking to the fridge to grab a glass of water. etc.  EVERY STEP COUNTS!

5. Now is not the time to start a new routine or push yourself, you'll be sore and sorry you tried this.  Stick to a short workout and stick to something your body is used to.  The idea is to move, not to break records!

How does this sound? Exciting or too complicated?

How about this: Mini Holiday Challenge?!

Throughout the Christmas break I will send you daily tips on Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty and Spirituality.  You do what you want.  You do what you can.  And you come out of the Holiday season without unnecessary scratches and scars (and pounds)!

You'll be online anyway..might as well make it worth your while! ;)

Like the idea? I thought you would!! Click HERE to sign up!

holiday challenge.jpg

This is so exciting!! But don't keep it all to yourself, we all know someone or two who is begging for a Personal ''Slap Those Cupcakes Out Of My Hands'' trainer over the Holidays, do them a favor and share this blog post with them!  Thanks! :)

See you next week for the nutrition part of this series!