Keep it up during the Holidays - Nutrition Edition

It all began last week as I got super excited about the upcoming holiday season.  So excited in fact that I completed my Christmas shopping, planned my holiday blogging schedule and even created a holiday challenge to keep you healthy and accountable during the holidays..but more on that a little later!

The goal is this: Make the holidays a fun a stress-free zone.  

Ok, so I can't help you if you don't like spending time with your in-laws or if your cousin's kids drive you crazy.. But, I can help you keep it up during the holidays when it comes to Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty and Spirituality!

Last week, the blog post was about Fitness.  If you haven't read it, check it out HERE!

This week, let's talk about nutrition!  Holidays won't equal weight gain for you this year, my friend!!

Here are my top tips to survive the holidays - Nutrition Edition

1. Drink plenty of water.  Water fills you up, but it also helps your body get rid of toxins.  You need water to be your best friend during the holidays.

2. When you are not at a family supper..make every bite count.  We see the holidays as 2 weeks of non-stop binge eating, but in reality we have a few family suppers and that's about it.  When you are at home with your family, load up on the good stuff! Fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats!

3. Speaking of family gatherings..stop stressing and start bringing! That's right! You heard me!  You know that there won't be veggies there so why don't you bring some?  You are most likely not the only one stressing over what's going to be offered and about packing on the holiday pounds, so do everyone a favor and bring some good goodies!

4. Stick to one serving.  Ok, so you've been waiting the whole year for your mom's famous dig right in my friend!  BUT, make sure to fill your plate just right the first time around...because it goes downhill when you start filling up for a second and ..third time.  Dig in, enjoy and move on before you feel like you must be rolled off of your chair.

5. I don't know if your family is like mine, but we barely have the time to leave the table that the chips and chocolates are out.  Once again, chips and chocolate are OK, but you will eat some again in the near future so there is no need for you to eat the whole thing and then some.  Grab a plate, bowl or napkin, fill it up once and be done with it.  GO back to your water.

Of course, these are tips not rules.  

You are allowed to go for seconds and eat more than a handful of chips, but remember that these are in place to make sure you get through the holidays without the dreaded holiday weight gain.  Moderation is key.  

Now, if you are kind of excited at the idea of bringing a healthy dish to the party, but you are not too sure where to start, you are in luck!  Let me share with you one dip, one dish and one treat recipe. (PSST: I didn't take pics of my own recipes yet, so I will be sharing some of the best recipes I found on Pinterest, OK?!)

Tzaziki dip:

Side dishes: (OK, so they don't give you the actual'll have to click a few times, but the recipes look so yummy it'll be worth the clicks!) 

Treats: (oh yes..there's an ''S''!) 

Awesome! Now that you have recipes and tips you are free to go and enjoy the holidays!

Are you still worried that you won't make it on your own? Do you wish there would be someone with you to tell you what to eat..and not eat at the party?

Well, lucky you, i am here for you!  I will be hosting a 14 day holiday challenge from December 21st to January 3rd.  I will be with you every step of the way and we'll all be in the group to keep each other accountable (NOT feeling guilty, but accountable!! ;) ) Does that sound like fun or something that you really need? Then, go here to check in!

See you next week, my friend!