Get your beauty sleep


Ah November! When the air is cold and the time falls back! When we start feeling the blues and struggle with sleep...

(Note: Today's blog post will praise my product partner USANA Health Sciences)

Sleep! We need it.  We want it. we struggle with it!

As kids, it was the worst thing in the world.  Why would I want to sleep when I have yet discovered the WHOLE WORLD?!?!  As University or College students, we welcomed nap time back into our lives like long lost loves.  As mom's, we pray that someday we'll get to do it again!


When November hits and we tamper with the time, we tend to think that we're not affected (or at least try to convince ourselves), but it DOES affect us.  The winter blues can hit and we think that we won't be able to feel rested ever again.


First, let's talk about Vitamin D.  We hide in our homes during winter months.  We work indoors.  We wear sunscreen 24/7.  All of these add up to a big lack of Vitamin D (or Vitamin Sun!)  Studies have found that most adults living in urban environments fail to get the adequate amounts of Vitamin D in their diets. So, filling the gap with USANA's Vitamin D supplement could be vital to ensuring that we get enough of his nutrient. Vitamin D is good for, well, almost everything, let me list a few:

  • Vitamin D is essential for supporting optimal calcium mineralization for strong bones as well as helping to preserve muscle strength. This is especially important as we get older.
  • The sunshine vitamin is also important for healing. 
  • Vitamin D supports cardiovascular health. 
  • Vitamin D is also an important immune system regulator.

PS: It will also help with your mood! I've seen a huge difference in my mood after taking vitamin D for a few days!!

Second, let me tell you about Pure Rest.  If you’ve been up late for a few nights in a row and you’re having trouble getting back to normal sleep, I recommend a melatonin supplement like USANA’s Pure Rest™. 

  • Pure Rest is a high-quality supplement that produces melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies that regulates sleep and wake cycles. 
  • It’s not habit forming. 
  • Think of it as a darkness pill. It boosts your melatonin levels and helps reset your sleep clock.*

A better night's sleep...I'm in!!!

 Click on image to be taken to article from Dr. Breus - The Sleep Doctor.

Click on image to be taken to article from Dr. Breus - The Sleep Doctor.

The moral of the story is: if you struggle, don't reach for the prescription bottles!! (Click to tweet)

We need those 2 supplements in our lives...especially during the winter months!  You can choose to run to your nearest pharmacy and grab the first bottle that you see OR you can shop online for the best supplements.  USANA is proud to produce pharmaceutical grade supplements that contain EXACTLY what is written on the label!

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Happy Shopping and Sleep Tight, my friend!

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