Coaching, Coffee Breaks and Gratitude

Did I tell you that I hired a business coach? I am so excited about this! I've been running in circles all year and felt exhausted.  I worked and worked and worked some more, but didn’t seem to get much in return..and that sucked. 

At the beginning of the year, I joined a group of ladies and did the Launching Brand You course with Amber Lilyestrom.  I had so much fun and learned even more..but I felt like I had gone this far and then suddenly stopped.  I wanted to keep working with Amber, but my credit card wouldn’t allow it.  So, I did what every “broke” entrepreneur would do and tried to get as much free info as humanly possible.

Webinars, newsletters, freebie offers, and much more.  All from different entrepreneurs who have different views and different ideas.  It got so confusing, but I tried to make sens of it all and implement what I had learned into my own business

I have been a follower of Kristel for a long while now, but thought that I would be cheating on Amber by signing up with someone I delayed the inevitable.

After a fabulous webinar, Kristel made her offer..and I jumped in.

After signing up to work with Kristel, I have de-cluttered my email inbox, my facebook news feed and vowed to not sign up for webinars, newsletters and all that stuff in 2016. (Can I get an AMEN!!) (PS: Click HERE to find out more after the Coffee Break Club or to follow Coffee Break and Chocolate Cake on facebok!)

2016 is the year where I take all that I have learned and move forward.  No more standing still, waiting to figure out what to do next..I have Kristel now!

I always was the smart one, the one who figured out things quickly and needed very little help..until I started my own business. I feel kind of dumb at times because, I have all the info right there in front of me, but I just don’t know where to start and where to go from there.

Imagine all the time and money that I wasted in 2015 but not wanting to invest in myself.  All those hours spent on countless webinars, copying notes, trying to find a way to take HER advice and turn it into something I could use in my business, filling out worksheets, playing omn canva, and that’s not even couting all the hours spent on social media without a specific plan of action..hours of looking at people’s pics on facebook does not help a business grow!

We’re all like that, right? We think we’re saving money but taking all the free stuff we can get, but in the end we’ve ended up loosing much more than money...we lost time (and sometimes our patience!).

As James Wedmore says, people don’t pay to join your program for your content, they pay for you to help them put it all together and support them throughout their journey.


After hearing those words, I knew I needed a coach to guide me through the maze of very valuable and very confusing content that’s all over the internet.

And that’s why you might need a coach too.  You know how to do a squat and you know that eating chips every night won’t help you reach your health and fitness goals...but you are just so lost in this sea of content. 

In January, I will be working with a few #mamapreneurs to build a coaching program that will fit your needs.  Coaching calls, personalized meal plans, personalized fitness plan, facebook office hours and whatever else these ladies tell me would help you make sense of all of this!

I am so excited!

I can’t wait to start helping you ladies gain more energy, focus and help you make health and fitness part of your life again!

Intrigued? Join the waiting list.  I will contact you soon to give you more details!