Let's stop this New Year New You nonsense

Hey there, 

Welcome to the 29th of December.  This year is almost over and it's pretty exciting.


At this point of the year, you've seen all the New Year New You posts and I'm sure you are getting pretty sick of it.  I am too.  Coaches are trying to lure you in and promise that you will change in the upcoming year..but the big question is, do you really want to change?

I say we stop looking for a new US out there and start thinking of a few things we could do to help us grow in the new year.  Personal growth and even professional growth can make for interesting New Year resolutions.  Read more books, find a new hobby, find your passion (checkout this awesome challenge and giveaway from my biz coach), quit your boring job and start your own business (or do it on the side until you can justify quitting your money making job), learn about finance, and the list can go on and on and on.

Once you have your resolutions thought of, write them down.  Create  specific goals and ways to achieve them.  A step-by-step if you like.  Put this piece of paper somewhere where you will see it daily. (I did something like this last year for my business and then, stored it away..never looked at my piece of paper again all year.  Do you think I accomplished anything that I had written?!?! lol)

Here are a few examples for you:

  • Fitness: 

This year, instead of saying that you will lose 15 lbs, fit into a size 4, etc... Write down 12 small goals (attainable goals).
Ex: workout 3x per week, workout at least 30 minutes, finish this program I began last year, etc.

  • Nutrition:

Instead of saying: I will stop eating dessert, I won't eat after 7PM, ... Think of what you can ADD to your diet instead of removing.  Thinking in positive terms instead of negative will already give you good chances of going through with your resolutions.

Ex: I will eat veggies at every meal (spinach in shakes or veggie omelettes!), I will drink 8 glasses of water per day (see I didn't have to say I will quit coffee!), I will start my day with a cup of hot water and squeezed lemon (no worries, you can have one cup of coffee afterwards!!), etc. 

  • Self-care:

Self-care is so important and is often the most overlooked.  Not anymore! Time to take good care of you (BEFORE everyone else!!).  Self-care doesn't have to mean taking a week long spa vacation either, it can be simple things daily.

Ex: Bubble bath, nice cup of tea and a good book before bed, watching a chick flick, enjoying your cup of coffee (really smelling and tasting the coffee!!), etc.  

PSST: If you want a little more help with this self-care business, click HERE.  Give me your email address and I will send you a 5-day Intro to self-care! :)

  • Money

I don't know about you, but I want to be smarter about my money!  I started last year, but find money and finance quite confusing.  Thankfully, there are many websites and authors that can help us along the way.  

Ex: Read the Money: A love Story book or Money: Master the game,  sign up for newsletters such as Smart Cookie, Barbara Stanny, Danny J or others that you will find.  They will send you weekly informative emails..  Your goal is not only to buy the book or sign up for the newsletter, but actually open and read the content! (no, I am not an affiliate, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!)

  • Relationships

We are so focused on everything else that we sometimes forget about the people we love.  Time to get love back in the game!! Oh, FYI, I don't just mean you and your main squeeze..I mean your kids, friends and family too!!

Ex: Twice a month date nights with your partner (or even brunch date), activities with one kid at a time (I like to take advantage of the half days at school and go to lunch with my 9 year old, I use the nights when he sleeps over at his grandparents to have some girl time with my 4 year old.), coffee dates or play dates with your bestie, bringing a bottle of wine and hanging out with your mama, etc.

Here's another link for you, have a listen to this Chalene Johnson Podcast: How to earn more in the next 90 days.  She is an amazing goal setter..and go getter!!

Phew, that was a lot to take in!  Now, take some time to reflect and make your New Year resolution list.  Will you focus on all 5 aspects or pick 1 or 2??

Share your resolutions with us in the comments! You can also take a pic and share on Facebook or Instagram, tag me and use the hashtag #journeywithnadia! I know I will!!