Keep it up during the Holidays - Spirituality Edition

This is it.  The last of a 4-part series. 

If you missed the other blog posts, click HERE.  You will be taken to my Blog page where you can read The Fitness Edition, Nutrition Edition and the Beauty Edition!

I call this segment "spirituality" for lack of better term, I think.  To me spirituality means taking care of your mental health..and yes, that includes meditation, angel cards and asking your angels for guidance.

The holidays can get pretty hectic and the first thing we put on the back burner is self-care (with fitness & nutrition in close 2nd!).  BUT WHY?  

Why do we tend to forget what makes us feel at our best?

Here are my top tips to help you Keep it up during the Holidays - Spirituality Edition:

  1. If you don't have the time to meditate, that's fine.  Take the time to breathe.  3, 5 or even 10 deep belly breaths can make a HUGE difference in your day!
  2. Take a moment each night to write in your gratitude journal.  Yes, the kids were grumpy and aunt Iris gave you too many unwanted advice..but you did have some fun, right?  Grab your cute journal and write down 3 things that you are grateful for every night.  It will end your day on a positive note and you'll attract more things to be grateful for too!
  3. Start your day right.  Repeat a positive affirmation before you get out of bed.  Grab your message of light of the day (There are many type of cards to choose from here.  Mario Duguay's message of light, Danielle Laporte's truthbombs, or even Doreen Virtue's angel cards.) and take your deep breaths.  It took less than 5 minutes and you started your day on the positive side of things!!
  4. Get your kids involved.  OK, I said I'd create a sweet chill-out corner for the kiddos and I haven't yet, but the plan is there.  See, instead of giving them time-out, I want to be able to let them feel their feelings in a safe environment..hence the chill out spot.  This spot will be filled with cushions, their very own angel cards, mandalas and crayons and some aromatherapy... I think I need a time-out right now!! :)  I got carried away here, but the idea is to get our kids in the know when it comes to self-care.  They need to learn about this stuff NOW!  Get them to take deep belly breaths with you.  Get them to pick a message of the day card with you.  Get them to tell you one thing they loved about their day right before they go to bed. (PS: Here's another story for you: My kids have a 5 years difference between them, so they rarely see eye to eye.  They started fighting with  each other constantly and I was sick of yelling and giving them consequences.  It was after seeing a presentation on positive attitude that I figured I should try a different approach, because mine was NOT working.  Each night, I would get them to tell me one thing they enjoyed about their day AND one thing they like about each other.  The first night was hard, I had to make a list and get them to pick something, the second night I made a list too.. But soon, they came up with something all on their own.  How did that change their behavior?? Well, because they knew that I would ask them the same question every night, so they began to look for good things they liked in each other.  BOOM! They were sharing and caring for one another!! LOVE!)
  5. Alright, enough stories.  The last tip to survive the Holidays is... Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water!  (HUNH?!?!) Yes!! I don't know about you, but when I am tired..I am cranky and that's not good for anyone's self-care!  You need to be nice to your body if you want it to treat you good.  Get plenty of rest, hydrate, eat your greens and move your body.  That's all part of an awesome self-care routine.

Tell me, are you going to do all 5 tips or pick one to focus on??  Write it in the comments below.

Do you think you need a little more help? You're in luck because I have created an awesome 5-day Intro to self-care for you!!  Grab it HERE!