Let's talk about guilt a little more..

I don't know about you, but food sometimes makes me feel guilty.  Not guilty of being able to enjoy such deliciousness while others can't..but guilty that I, perhaps,  have enjoyed a bit too much or the wrong type of food.

When I find myself in ''guilt mode'', I stop, take a few deep breaths and try to figure out what is going on.

The first question I ask myself is: WTF is the ''wrong type'' of food anyway? Who made that up? 

Second: Why? Was I hungry and found myself with no good choices at home? (The answer is often yes! I like to buy a bunch of good food and some not-so-good, but we eat all the good stuff so fast! hihi)

Third: Did you really want it? (if the answer is yes, I let myself enjoy the food in small quantity.  Deprivation is never the answer!) When we have cravings, I say indulge in moderation! I don't know about you, but when I crave something and decide that I will eat ANYTHING BUT..well I eat EVERYTHING! Not cool! I think it would have been better to have the 300 calories from my oreo cookies than the 1500 from ''stuff''!

The answer to this food guilt that we get is to truly be in touch with what our body wants and needs.  

Feed your body with good nutritious foods..and splurge once in a while so you don't feel deprived and end up eating everything in sight!  Easy right!?  Not so much..  We are so used to eating at certain hours, finishing our plates, having dessert as a treat after we cleaned off our plates, etc that it's hard to get back in tune with what our belly is trying to tell us.

The answer is intuitive eating..and it's a tough one to achieve, but so worth it. For now though, I just want you to reflect on this post.  Do you suffer from ''I ate the wrong food again'' guilt? Tell me about it in the comments.  Come on over to my facebook page where I talk about it and give you tips and tricks.  Or better yet, check out my programs where we'll dig deep into it!

Have a great week my friend!