The one with the scale..

It all began Sunday morning.  We were at my parents, like we are every Sunday.  (In case you didn't know..we spend every Sunday at my parents.  It started after I had Adele, we'd come over for supper and then for the afternoon so we could see them a little before the meal..and it soon escalated to us coming over here as soon as we wake up, for coffee!)

But, unlike every other Sunday, I decided to weigh myself.. I don't have a scale at home so the only chance I get is when I am at their place.

I gained about 10lbs...

WTF? Where did that come from?  I jog, I workout, I eat salads, WHAT HAPPENED? WHERE DID I GO WRONG? Yup, I was having a mental 9AM!

I looked a myself and quickly thought "Shake it off lady"!  You've been taking good care of yourself, this number doesn't mean anything!

I often preach the no-scale lifestyle, but I do get sucked in when I see one..and immediately feel bad about myself when I step on it.  The number is never low enough..I'm never good enough..don't have enough willpower..never push hard enough when I workout..and the list goes on and on and on.

WOAH NELLY! SHUT UP little negative voice in my head! I FEEL GOOD and that's ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!!!

I need to be reminded too to throw away the scale!  How does your body feel, that's what is really important! My legs are strong enough to jog! My heart and lungs are strong enough to let me jog!  My head, well my head's clear of worries and BS! My pants fit, my belly is full and my body loves the nutrients its receiving...FUCK the scale!!!!

Ladies, it's time we start trusting our bodies and stop looking at numbers to tell us how "enough" we are!  Throw away the scale! Eat your veggies! Move daily! Let's start a revolution! Let's start trusting and loving our body!

Not too sure how to do that? I've got just the thing for you! In July 2015, we had a Drop DIET from your vocabulary in 7 days challenge! Sign up below to get the condensed PDF of the challenge  AND click HERE to join the TEAM Journey to Health group on facebook! We are there to support and motivate each other through the challenges..and beyond!

See you on the other side!