Race day or self-talk 101?

Saturday morning was race day.  I still feel a little silly making such a big fuss over a 5K, but you know what?? IT IS!

I can walk for days, but my legs and lungs flame up as soon as I even think about going for a jog...so this is huge for me!

Proper nutrition...

Proper breathing techniques...

Proper training...

Proper self-talk...

They all play a big role in getting ready for a race...or life in general!

Self-talk matters and that's what I want to talk about today!

When I was getting ready for my GO time, I got my iphone ready, playlist set and my index finger was waiting to hit PLAY.  It felt good!  Uptown funk, Rolling in the deep, etc were helping me run to the beat and stay focused.  The thing is, I messed up and chose the wrong playlist and skipped many songs.  So, after about 3K, I put the songs on pause and ran without the beat keeping me going... It was time to dig deep and let my self-talk take me to the finish line.

You can do this!

Go Nadia Go!

You are overlapping everyone on the couch! (It`s a huge one for me..because I am slower than a turtle stuck in peanut butter!) (here's my official race time!)

Well..I made it..I made it to the finish line.  Most people were gone, but I still got some applause and my dad was waiting for me at the finish line to snap a few pics!

Adèle and I got our medals...and were hooked to running 5K's!

Here is to more races and awesome self-talk!!

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