September 1st..Back to my fitness routine!

This summer has been pretty laid the fitness department anyway.  Of course, having the kids at home with me ALL THE TIME kept me insanely busy and kept me away from fitness a little.  This is not an excuse making blog post, this is just the truth!

I decided to really enjoy my summer off with the kiddos!  I went all over the place with them, enjoyed the fresh air and the sun on my skin, and took advantage of our time together.

I was starting to feel a little bad about myself and the fact that I hadn't worked out in so long..but then I thought back and realized: We walked A LOT, we played at the playground A LOT (yes, WE..Adèle has me climbing and stuff too!), we ate fruit A LOT, and the healthy list goes on.  

So, really, when I think back on my summer, I stayed on my health and fitness path!  I don't like the whole "falling off the wagon" deal, but let's face it...we feel a little guilty anyway! ;)

BUT..Today, September 1st, I decided that it's time to get back to it.  Not because I feel that I HAVE to but because I really really WANT to!  Since it's our last vacation week, I didn't wake up extra early to fit in a workout.  I waited for Adèle to wake up and we went down to the basement together.  Our yoga mats were waiting patiently for us and Chalene Johnson was waiting in the DVD player too.

Mini-me did the whole workout with me and enjoyed it so much!  I think that it's so important to get our kids moving too.  Of course, they run more than we do, but it's still nice to get them to burn off some energy..and kind of let us do our own thing!  We worked out, we stretched and I was sweating..WIN!  

This is not a "I HAVE to get back to it" shitty obligation.  This is me, choosing that I can't wait any longer to have more fun with Chalene and PIYO! lol! 

Did you make any New Month Resolutions? Do you have any health & fitness plans for the month of September?  Share with us in the comments...and get a chance to win a PIYO DVD!!  Don't forget to share this post (you have many options: Share directly from my website, from my facebook page or my Pinterest page!) with your friends so that they can participate too!  Good Luck!

PS: If you want your own copy of PIYO, get a hold of my friend Jasmine on her facebook page, she'll hook you up!