Personal Trainer tips

As I mentioned last week, I have many passions that I want to share with you.  After my blog post I thought, OK now what? How do I do this?

Here is my answer (to my own question!):  4 weeks in a month = 4 subjects per month! 

Here's the breakdown:  Week 1 - Fitness, week 2 - Health/Nutrition, week 3 - beauty and week 4 - spirituality.  Fun right?! So, I won't constantly be worried about what to say and scared that I am overwhelming you with a particular subject! This way, that won't happen! BINGO!

Enough blabbing, let's dive in! 

The first part of this fitness series will be: Personal Trainer Tips!

Becoming a Personal Trainer has been a dream of mine for..not that long!  I realized last year that I am passionate about health and fitness and wanted to take things a step further.  I quickly signed up and started studying to become a Personal Trainer BUT I've been the expert for the longest time with my friends and family.  If they need or want health or fitness advice, they come to me.  Here are a few tips that I would love to give them, have given them..and want to share with you too:

5 Healthy Tips to Enjoy your Weekend and stay on track!

Ok, so I hate the term "staying on track" BUT I also know that we often let our progress out of our sight during the weekend and feel guilty about it come Monday morning!  Not anymore!

1)Plan and Prepare: Check your calendar, what's going on this weekend?  Can you find a way to bring a healthy side dish to a party or even schedule a workout?

2)Drink plenty of water: That's right! Keep filling up your water cup!

3)Watch out when dinning out: Look for healthy-er options on the menu.

4)Eat breakfast: Skipping a meal is a BAD idea!

5)Eat!: Ok, so breakfast isn't the only important meal of the day! Once again, skipping a meal is a BAD idea!

Want this a a cheat sheet (and a little more detailed) so you can put it up on your fridge or cork board?  DONE! Give me your email address and I will send it right over!

Did you like this blog post? If you did, share it with your friends and family! I'm sure you know someone who needs a copy of this cheat sheet too!