There was a WHAT?

Hey there!

Last week, a few ladies received a Good Morning email from me, from Monday to Friday.  We had a FREE 5-day challenge called Back-to-school Fitness Class!

I switched my office around so the background wouldn't be a messy room or an old TV set for my videos.  I wrote down notes and even decided to give out prizes to the participants.  I had a blast getting everything ready for the challenge and seeing those ladies take part make me feel so happy and proud.

But this week, the challenge is done.  The 5 days are over.  Now WHAT?

Once a challenge is over, what can you do? What SHOULD you do?  Well, here it goes:

- Look back at your 5 days.  Reflect.  What went well, what didn't go so well? Did you do the work? Did you even get to the emails?  What did you enjoy? Etc.

- Make a list of what you learned.

- Make a list of things you want to incorporate to your life.  Then, find out how you can make it happen.

The 5 days are over.  The challenge is over.  But, what you learned sticks with your forever.  It's up to you to make all this new knowledge part of your daily life.   

Since this is very tricky and most often than not, overlooked.   I have decided to host a webinar on Thursday September 10th at 8PM to help you out a little more.  During the webinar, I will go over what we covered during the FREE challenge and how you can make it part of your life, as well as the importance of health and fitness..because, you's important!

Click HERE to sign up for the webinar. (Don't worry if you can't make it live, I will send you a replay!)  Let your friends know about it too, they will get something out of this too!

What are your tips on making what you've learned part of your life?  Share your tips with me, I'd love to know!!