Follow your heart

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself "I am way too tired to work out!" And do you know what happened next?

I didn't workout!!  I sat on the couch, in the dark with a cup of hot lemon water and my smartphone!  I went through my instagram feed and loved every second of it!


Some days you push yourself and some are nice to yourself! I can't push myself too hard in the morning anyways..I find it makes me nauseated and I feel like shit for a good part of the day. So, my morning workouts are usually me, going through the!

Sometimes, it's better to listen to your heart then to your head! My head was telling me "what the F lady! You won't get your abs if you don't get downstairs right this second" and my heart was a bit more like "Chill dude! You can workout in the evening..or even not at all and that's ok!"

Listening to your head is important.  That's where all the common sense and stuff we've learned over the years is stored.  But, listening to your heart is important-er!  When you can really get centered and listen to your are ready to rock your world!


Over the weekend, I've had this heart over head dilemma.  It was a personal situation and I won't bore you with all the details, but I really needed to get clear on what the heart wanted!  Yes, my head told me it was the smart and logic thing to do..but what about my heart?  Would this decision bring me love and happiness or only a sense of ''doing what's right according to everyone else's point of view''?!  Luckily, both my heart and my head agreed!

Whether it's in your personal, business or even health life..going with your heart is the way to go!  Listen to yourself, trust yourself and be kind to yourself!

Here's the fitness part of my blog post:  Listening to your heart also means listening to your body.  I see too many people who fear flexibility in their fitness regime..and by flexibility, I don't mean being able to put your leg behind your head, I mean switching it up!  Ok, so you started a 30-day shred program..but on day 5 you feel like doing gentle yoga.  Do you beat yourself up about it and go into beast mode or do you take it easy and do yoga instead?  Your body says yoga, you do yoga!!  Some days you go for jogs, other days you are a beast, and you can also be a Zumba queen or a zen yogi.  There are no wrong ways to take care of your body!!!  As long as you are moving and taking a minute to listen to what your body are a champ!!

The formula is simple: Take care of your body and it will take care of you!  Listen to your heart and it will blissfully guide you! 

Have you ever had moments when your head and your heart didn't seem to be connected?  What did you two to make sure they both worked together instead of against one another??

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