To coffee or not to coffee.. can we stop asking this question!?

Hey there!

How is your morning going?

Did you have a cup of coffee this morning?

When you drink it, do you try to find the articles that are telling you that it's super good for you.. or do you find the ones that tell you to quit? don't want to get caught up in that drama?? lol

1- If you are here to see stats and research findings, it's not gonna happen!

2- This will be short and sweet, my friend!

I am torn between the two.  Should I drink it or should I quit?

 I read the articles from both side of the medal and try to figure out which makes more sense (a.k.a which one tells me what I really want to hear!) and, well, I am still torn.  

So, I came up with my own research.  Does it make me feel good or not?  Really, that's the only thing you should be concerned about...How does it affect YOU!

Ok, so, I LOVE COFFEE! I love the smell, the taste, I LOVE IT ALL!  BUT, I did notice that if I have an afternoon coffee, it feels like I drink pins and irritates my tummy like crazy!  My conclusion is: Drink one cup on the morning and use your scentsy coffee shop scents for the rest of the day!  There! It's settled!

What about you?  

Do you think you could really focus on HOW coffee affects you (your body, your mood, etc)?  Does it really give you that energy you crave? (I know that it doesn't work for me..I always want to go for a nap after I have my coffee!) Does it make you feel good or does it irritate your tummy?  Grab a journal or make a note in your Evernote and track it for 1 or 2 weeks..your body will tell you the answer and you can stop reading those contradicting articles!  (*Oh, and even though I am talking about coffee here, you can use this method for everything else!  Foods, drinks, friends, jobs, etc!! How does it make you FEEL?!)

Is energy the reason you drink coffee?  If so, I invite you to sign up for my FREE live workshop on Thursday.  I will be talking about 5 ways to STOP the 3 o'clock energy DROP! Click on the image below to sign up! See you there!