3 tips to get through the holidays with your weight and sanity intact

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When I started writing this blog post, I decided to write down 10 tips to help you get through the holidays with your weight and sanity intact!

I would share the best and try to get them to be as simple as possible so it’s not too overwhelming. But then I started thinking that the Holidays are overwhelming enough without me adding TEN things you need in order to make it through!

Who has the time to make TEN tips part of their holiday season life? I know I don’t (ok, I do, but I don’t want to!)

So, I took the 3 most important ->


1- Have veggies at every meal

Yes, even at breakfast! Add veggies to your eggs or spinach to your shake - have fun with it.

Simple rule that even a busy mama can follow: fill half of your plate with veggies (and eat them too!) Roasted, steamed, etc JUST EAT THEM!

+ if you are going to a family gathering and think that there won’t be much veggies, be the one who brings the veggie tray or the salad! Other healthy eaters will thank you!


2- Move daily

It doesn’t always have to be a long and intense workout (hahaha, who am I kidding, my workouts are never long!) as long as you get your heart pumping and blood flowing. A dance party in the living room, a walk after supper, a quickie pre-shower workout, a hiit (high intensity interval training), ANYTHING! (Have no idea, grab my Hot Mama 2-weeks guide for all types of workouts!)

Make time for 3 great workouts throughout your week so you don’t lose your progress! 

+ You can even sign up for a class. Working out in a group atmosphere is so much fun! Plus, paying and registering for a class will push you to actually go do it!


3- Take at least 15 minutes for yourself daily

This could actually be the toughest tip!  As moms, we make sure EVERYONE else is taken care of..and then we’re too pooped to take care of ourselves! So how can you make this happen?  

You can wake up a little earlier to have some alone-time, wait until it’s almost time for bed, or anything in between.

Use this 15 minutes to do something that will make you feel good. No dishes, cleaning or facebook scrolling!

Read an inspiring book, take a bubble bath, use yummy smelling body wash in the shower (I am in LOVE with Dove Pampering collection!), write in your journal, etc (Need a few ideas? I’ve got 9 for you! Check out my self-care cards)


BONUS tip- Play! Enjoy the Holidays!

This is NOT the time to be stressed out and burned out, it’s the time to be with the ones you love - so do that!!

Put on snowpants, go build a snowman, have some hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch a Christmas movie all cuddled up with your family! 


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