My 5 favourite busy mama life-saver tools

As a busy mom, you know that our head is always filled with ALL THE INFORMATION!  We have to remember every appointment, the stats from last week's sleep schedule is always floating in our brain, we have to observe everything in case someone loses their favourite teddy bear, rubik's cube or wallet.  Our brain is like a computer with 20,000 tabs open and, well, it's exhausting!

I am not perfect (yet, LOL), but I am working hard to find the tools that will make my life easier and more organized!  Here they are if you want to try them out for yourself:

  1. Google calendar app.  I need a reminder for EVERYTHING! If a reminder doesn't pop up, I will most likely forget (and that includes basic stuff like birthday parties or fun library activities).  With google calendar app, you can schedule from your computer OR your phone + if you are a mamapreneur, it syncs with calendly.  This way, your client calls are all synced up in your calendar automatically!
  2. Evernote.  It syncs from your phone, to your tablet, and your computer.  I think I love everything that can be accessed from anywhere! LOL  You are at your computer and think of something - you make a note.  You are playing on your phone and think of something - you make a note!  You can place everything in folders and get things neatly organized over there + it's FREE!
  3. Pinterest.  I love my coffee & Pinterest Saturday morning meal planning sessions.  I almost don't use Google anymore to do searches, I just go on Pinterest.  Workouts, recipes, crafts or how-to-clean-my-oven tips! It's all there and you can save it!  As mentioned, I also use Pinterest to plan my meals for the week - I even have a board for my WEEKNIGHT MEALS <- check it out!
  4. Pomodoro.  (There's an app for that!) Pomodoro is a genius method to help you get your sh!t done!  25 minutes of focused work + 5 minutes break.  I suggest that you use those 5 minutes to move your body.  We often say that TIME or lack of time is the biggest reason why we don't exercise.  Well, this tool will help you with that!  -> Utilise each 5 minutes break to break a little sweat. Do some jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers, etc for 50 seconds on - 10 seconds break.  Make a list of 5 different exercises and give it a GO!  You can also grab my five 5 minute workouts for extra ideas.
  5. Weekly planner page to help you set your goals, action steps and write down your notes.  This page didn't exist, so I create one that would have everything I need all on one page!  Technology is great, but I love having a piece of paper that I could look at daily to remind me of my goals and dreams!  Grab your copy of the weekly planner page HERE.

So, there you have it, mama - my 5 favourite busy mama tools!!

Do you have any favourite tool that was NOT mentioned above? Let me know!