All or more!

Hey mama, 

I see you over there.  Being the best mom that you can be, working full-time, stressed out, playing taxi with the kids to their countless activities after school and trying to get a healthy meal on the table.

You barely have the time to go pee, so how are you going to find the time to exercise, shop & prep healthy meals and do some self-care routines.

What I often notice, when it comes to health & fitness, is a ALL OR NOTHING attitude.

You think that on order to be healthy, you have to:

  • workout 6 times per week.
  • Eat healthy and boring foods ALL THE TIME.
  • Get your 8 hrs of sleep per night.
  • Meditate (You jusr read about it, but you saw that you need to meditate at least 20 minutes a, it's now on your to-do list)
  • Take care of your mental health as well.

And, like I mentionned above, you think that you have to do it ALL or do NOTHING.

I get it.  You want to be the best at this too.  You want to make sure you're doing everything right because, you're not sure how else you can do this.  You like to follow instructions, you don't have the time to figure this stuff out, so if you don't do it ALL...what can you do.  No wonder you are overwhelmed and that's the last thing you need!

What if I told you that you have the right to pick ONE!

Start with ONE thing that you can sneak into your life to get healthier.

Trying to change your life and do a 180Degrees will lead to overwhelm..and quitting.  There is an easier way, mama.  If you want the change to be permanent: Start Slow, be consistent, master the new healthy habit and add another one once you feel ready you can take on a little more.

Looking for extra support and motivation through your journey?  You're in luck!  You're invited to join the healthiest community in the Internet - a place where we take your health from "well I'm not sick" to "WOW, I've got so much energy!!".

Here's what's going down over in the TEAM Journey to Health facebook group:
Ask your Q's and I'll give you A's!
Discuss with fellow busy mamas!
Share your goals..and celebrate your victories with us!
Share your struggles, we're all here to support you!
Accountability and friendship!
Baby pics welcomed!
Yummy recipes and awesome workouts can be shared!

As for me? I'm Nadia Castonguay. I am a health & fitness coach and a Certified Personal Trainer (Passed my final exam on July 29th!!) I help busy moms put themselves back at the top of their priority list with nutritious meals (that the whole family will love), daily movement and a shit ton of self-care rituals!

I believe in you. I believe that you have what it takes to reach your health goals. I want to see you reach your goals!!

Join the TEAM and grab some awesome freebies in the file section of this group!
(My morning affirmations, tips to stop emotional eating, all-day energy tips & the condensed version of the 5-day Begin Your Journey to Health)