Back to School snack ideas

Back to school is often awaited by parents.  PLEASE, someone else entertain my kids! Back to school often brings stress as well.  After school activities, daycare arrangements, meals and snacks.  There is just so much to think about..and to plan for.

Around here, the kiddos need 2 snacks in their luncboxes.  Fruit in the morning and crackers in the afternoon.  We love crackers. LOL

So, let's make this one short and easy for you. Here are my snack ideas.

Morning snack - Fruit:

  • Anything that comes already wrapped up: banana, orange, apple, etc.
  • Or any cut up fruit in a tupperware: grapes, kiwi, strawberries, mangoes, etc.  I usually do this in the morning, I find that if I do it the night before it gets kind of yucky!
  • PS: raspberries can get mushy..FIY!
  • PPS: Cut the pieces big enough so that they can grab them with their fingers.  The more tools they need, the more tools they'll lose! LOL

Afternoon snack - Cracker:

  • Rice cakes (we love tomato/basil) with slices of cheese.  There are rice cakes that are like love it.  I put them in their lunchboxes once in a while.
  • The kids love goldfish we compromised with Annie's organic bunny cheddar crackers. 
  • Air popped popcorn with some butter and cracked sea salt.
  • Really, that's about it.. Of course we sometimes have Ritz crackers, Breton soufflés..I just had a ziploc of whatever we have on hand.. Sometimes it's a healthy choice, other times not so much..

The trick is, mamas, to keep it simple! Vary your choice of fruits and crackers so the kids don't get sick of always eating the same friggin' thing.

Now, when it comes to the actual lunch meal, that's another story.  My son is fussy and the thermos doesn't keep the food warm enough for him. So...

  • make-your-own lunchables - mini pitas with pepperoni and shredded cheese. / Ritz crackers with ham and cheese.
  • Sandwiches - try different types of bread to make it new and exciting.
  • Adèle loves the tuna snack that will be an easy make-your-own as well.  Healthier crackers and a tuna salad!

Once in a while I will sit them down and ask them to give me new ideas.  Of course Pinterest is filled with fun stuff, but only your kids know if they'll eat it or throw it out.  Involve them in the process!!

+ Once a week, I will give money for school cafeteria lunches.  It makes them happy and, well, me too! ;)


Enjoy Back to School, mamas!! Keep it simple!


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