What the heck does ''BALANCE'' mean anyway?

If you follow me on facebook, you know that I posted an important message a few days ago.  (If you didn't see it, click HERE!)

With my coach, I was trying to find out who my ideal client is and what does she need.  The answer was energy!  Because, with energy..you have a better motivation to workout and to bake from scratch.  BUT, the month of March hit me right in the ego..I was exhausted!

First, my son caught an eye infection (when he gets a cold, it blocks hiw eye ducts and..pink eye!), my daughter was covering something and slept very poorly that week.  The week after, Adèle was diagnosed with strep throat and felt like shit...and so did I.  She would wake up often..and so did I!

And then..Week 3 - I get strep throat!  I was so exhausted from taking care of them that my immune system was shot and couldn't deal with anything anymore. Blah!

So..who am I to tell you what to do to have an endless supply of energy if I am the poster girl for #TeamNoSleep Zmombie of the year?!

 Ok, so it was my Halloween costume this year, but you and I both know that I didn't work too hard to look this tired! LOL

Ok, so it was my Halloween costume this year, but you and I both know that I didn't work too hard to look this tired! LOL

A long shower helped me make sense of all of this.  (Seriously, lately if I want to clear my mind and think..I jump in the shower! Of course, I workout beforehand so I'm not just wasting water..I'm really in need of a shower!)

All that to say that I came up with the word BALANCE.  That's it! That's what I am all about!!

How does that fit into health & fitness coaching? Glad you asked!

It's actually super awesome..FOR YOU!  I love exercise, I love food and I love loving working out and eating! The same goes for you.  I want you to love exercise, love food and love taking good care of you! YEAH!

This takes me to my signature process.  This is basically the steps I take to make sense of my crazy busy life as a mom. 

  • Think MORE - Stop thinking that you need to eat LESS of this and LESS of that.  Think about what you are getting MORE of.  Drink MORE water, eat MORE green veggies, eat MORE fruits, etc.  Got it?
  • Trust yourself - There are sooooo many diet programs in the world and ALL of them claim to be the best and you know what they are..for someone.  We are not built the same and that also means that we don't need the same ''diet'' program.  That being said, this is why I think trusting yourself will help you naviguate through all of this.  Your body is telling you stuff, you just need to listen!  How can you listen? Start journaling..write shit done! 
  • Start Slow - No need to join a gym and try all the equipment with heavy weights the very first day.  No need to start training for a half-marathon and run a 10K on your first outing.  WOAH!  You'll hate it, you'll be sore for weeks and you'll quit.  It's that easy, really!  Start with movement, bodyweight exercise, at-home DVD's, or join a class.  Start at the beginning..you'll get there.
  • Do what you love - Why should you punish yourself everytime it's time to exercise? Doesn't make sense, right?!  If you love dancing, then dance!  If you love walking, then walk!  If you love following Chalene on DVD, then get your BeachBody DVD, etc. Do what you love and you'll love doing it!

How great are those tips?!  If you are still wondering ''HOW the heck can I balance my health and my life?'', I'd be happy to talk to you and help you out.  Let's jump on skype and figure stuff out!  It's FREE and it's all for you!  You will hang up feeling happy, balanced and ready to take on the 3 tips that I shared with you! Click HERE to sign up for your FREE call.