Begin at the beginning

Yesterday, I was going to a Yoga for Beginner workshop and felt kind of weird about it.  I mean, I know about Yoga and I do Yoga, so why sign up for a beginner workshop?

First, it was a one shot deal.  No 10 weeks commitment and mother-in-law was in town to babysit. Second, I do enjoy Yoga, but realized that maybe I was missing out on the basic information.

See, I think that following along YouTube videos are great, but if you don't know the might be doing it wrong and not even know it.

Yesterday, I hopped on Live in the group and talked about it.  Check it out HERE (ask to join the group and watch the pinned post).

If you want to read instead of watch, here's the story..

Here's another example: When I was 16, I signed up for swimming lessons.  It was my first time, but since I was 16 they didn't put me in the Sea Turtles with the 2 year olds.  I was evaluated at a Level 7.  On my first Saturday there, the coach looks at me and says: "You gotta do 4 laps of front stroke, 4 of backstroke, ..." it added up to 24 laps of swimming styles I have never heard of, WOAH!

Of course, it would be embarrassing for a 16 year old to swim with the 2 year olds, but I have to admit that I missed out on the basics.  To this day, I can barely swim in place, I don't know how to breath, etc.  I missed something.  I missed the beginning.

It's the exact same thing with health & fitness, like at the yoga workshop..I need to know what I'm doing, what to do not to injure myself, I need to make sure that I am focusing on my breath and that I'm in it.  I need to learn about yoga and understand what it's about.

Most people join Yoga because they want the Yoga ass - they just jump into it, they don't bother to begin at the beginning.

In the health & fitness world, you can get the meal plans, fitness plans and everything else.  Even myself, as a certified Personal Trainer, I follow along some DVD and I'm like "Dude, you are going too fast, if I follow you I will hurt myself." But that's what we do, we try to follow that woman on the screen..and lose balance, lose focus, we're doing it all wrong, our posture is out of whack..all because we try to follow along.

If you start a program and you are unsure of the basics; you don't know that your knees aren't supposed to go over your toes, you don't know that you should push with your heels, etc..

You are just trying to follow and mimic.  You are not starting at the beginning, you are jumping right in, don't know what you're doing and you're going to get hurt.

Same with meal plans.  Sure, it looks yummy and super healthy.  You can do it for a few days or maybe weeks.  But seriously, we're moms..those meal plans have so much work and cooking involved - it's not happening.

We get excited, buy all the stuff, cook up a storm..and after a week, we are exhausted and give up

Start at the beginning, learn about food, learn about how your body reacts to food.

You need to do some trial and error.

Start with food journal.  Write down what you eat.  "I had a bagel..9H30 I needed a coffee, I couldn't focus because of all the brain fog".  Figure out what works for YOU!  We are all different and even if I were to tell you what I eat in a day or write up a fancy meal plan.. we are not the same and our bodies don't work the same way!

It's not because you don't have willpower, self-control, or discipline.  It's because you are just thrown into this with no one there to guide you and support you.  You are expected to run with it and do the best you can.

That's not good enough for me

That is why I created Begin Your Journey to health

You need to begin at the beginning

You need to know how your body reacts and get in touch with your body.  We have headaches all the time or heartburns and we just pop pills like it's candy without even thinking that there is a message behind all of this.

You need to get in touch with what's going on, start to appreciate your body

Don't exercise because you hate yourself, you think you're fat and ugly and yucky.  Exercise because it releases good hormones, makes you happy, helps your soul, etc.

You don't need to sweat like a pig to look like a fox, you can do gentle yoga, go for wa walk, swim, go for a family bike ride (you get the picture).  You simply need to find an activity that you enjoy and do it daily.

That's why I want to help you begin your journey to health.  it's going to be a lifelong journey and I will be with you every step of the way.

Your body loves you so much and it's time for you to say "I love you too"!

You are ready to love yourself and trust yourself.

It bugs me that we are thrown into this and then we feel bad because we can't figure it out on our own.  It shouldn't be so complicated..and it isn't, when we begin at the beginning!

I am so excited to invite you to Begin Your Journey to Health.  It's a 6-weeks group coaching program.  Here's what you get:

This program is unlike anything you're ever seen in the health & fitness world!

No restriction!

No crazy workouts!

You are here to have FUN on your JOURNEY!

During the 6-weeks, we'll cover:

  • Food journal & intuitive eating
  • Assess the situation & start making changes
  • Self-care
  • Implementation
  • Move your body
  • Mindset & affirmations

You will also get:

  • Weekly calls with the group (check-in)
  • Weekly email exchange between you and me.
  • Daily prompts in discussion over on our private facebook group.
  • BONUS: Cheat sheet with weeks 1-6, as a quick reference list.

Don't wait too long! Doors are closing on October 7th 2016!