In case you are new here, here's my story -> I lived with an eating disorder for most of my teen years.  Having a baby at 21 saved me.  HERE is a blog post I wrote about it.

Of course, I still have off days.  Days where I look at my mini muffin top, but I quickly realize that it's the jeans' leggings don't do that!

I spent years looking at myself in the mirror, pinching some skin, starving myself and working out daily to punish myself for eating something else than a plain salad..

I knew it didn't make sense, but I couldn't stop it.  Until I became pregnant with my son.  I knew something had to change..I was growing a human.

I was no longer starving myself or purging, but I still didn't love myself. And then I got pregnant again, this time it was a girl.

A girl.

I instantly knew that I couldn't allow her to see the yuckiness that is the "diet" industry.  I couldn't let her grow up in a world where women are taught to hate and want to change their bodies.

How would I do that? By starting with myself!  I needed to learn to love me before I could teach her how to love herself!

I started following body positivity facebook pages.  I started learning more about nutrition instead of dieting.  I started looking for fun ways to move my body instead of looking for ways to burn more calories.  I started to take care of ME because I love me!

It wasn't easy and it wasn't instant, but I was finally able to look at myself in the mirror and say "I love you" to the beautiful woman looking back at me.

Today, here is what I do to teach my daughter about self-love:

- I no longer stare at myself in the mirror or pinch my skin.  (You never know who could see you!)

- I let her see me exercise and eat healthy..and tell her that it's important to take good care of herself. (I never mention calories or "I do this to look good in a bikini"!)

- I give her compliments other than beautiful, pretty and gorgeous.  I compliment her bravery, creativity, generosity, strength, etc.

- I keep working on loving myself for her sake and mine.