Why do we do them, follow them, break the rules, fail them and gain our weight back (while losing our confidence)?? 

Growing up, I was lucky to hear about MANY different diets: Atkins,Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach and much much more. I would also see thei ads on TV.  They all had amazing commercials with even better Before/After shots.  Everyone was losing weight and everyone was happy.  Was dieting the secret to happiness?

Since I was living with my parents and had no control over the groceries (or really understood anything about food and diet), I thought my only option was to starve myself, exercise like a maniac and punish myself when I would lose control and over-indulge. 

According to the ladies on TV, being skinny meant that I would be happy...and I REALLY wanted to be happy! 

Thankfully, I was introduced to USANA who taught me about nutrition and how our body works AND I got pregnant at 20.  I realized at that moment that I couldn't just think about myself anymore.  I was now growing a tiny human who needed me to wake up and start learning about the proper way to feed my body! 

It was no longer about being skinny, it was about being healthy! 

It took many years and some setbacks, but I can finally say that dieting does NOT equal happiness...trusting your body does! 

Do you want to break free from the dieting industry and start loving and trusting your body to become healthy?  Are tou ready to (gently) begin Your Journey To Health? 

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