Goals and motivation

I posted a picture of me jogging yesterday on my facebook page and kind of really loved the message that I wrote along the pic.  Here is the bigger version!

Jogging - I always hated it.  I thought it was boring and couldn't breathe right and my thighs would burn.  BUT..I did it anyway because I wanted to burn the calories..and jogging burns more than just walking.  I would jog to the gym and back.  I would workout like a maniac and not nourrish my body properly.  Jogging sucked!

This year, I wanted to set a goal for myself, give myself a personal challenge!  I sighed up for my first 5K!! By doing that, I motivated myself with this new goal.  I had to find a way to enjoy jogging because I WILL DO THIS 5K!  Stangely, I didn't have to work too hard on this task! I downloaded a few new songs and updated my playlist and went for my first walk/jog.  I felt good, I felt good.

A few days later, I didn't need to walk too much anymore.  I could jog for a longer stretch and I could breathe AND my legs weren't burning!!

We often struggle to stay motivated, especially when it comes to health and fitness.  We blame  our self-control and willpower when we eat that extra hot dog or skip a workout.  But, if we play the blame game for too long, we simply give up!  Falling off the health wagon isn't really so bad..there shouldn't be a wagon to begin with, but by blaming yourself you are getting into a deep black hole.

Goals are great motivators!  Set a goal regarding your health and fitness!  Share this goal with me, loved ones, and/or friends.  Do simple steps daily to help you move closer to your goal. Enter your name below to get a sample goal & progress tracker!

...look at that, you will have daily motivation!!! Enjoy every step!

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