Learn how you can make health & fitness part of your everyday life

If you haven't been hiding under a rock for the past (let's say) 10 years, you know that health & fitness need to be part of your everyday life.

What you don't know..is HOW you can make this happen?

Do you need to throw out all the food that's in your refrigerator and pantry? Do you need to spend big bucks and buy only organic?  Do you need to go to the gym to get an effective workout? Does it need to take 1 hour? What are the kids going to eat for supper (because they won't eat what you're eating)? What the heck does health & fitness mean, anyway? And all the other questions that are floating around that you don't have answers too..


I have to admit, I was once full of questions too.  I tried many different approaches, even very unhealthy ones, and I was left even more confused.

That all changed the moment I decided to trust my body and let it tell me what it needed.  

"Hey, you there, do you want me to eat meat or become a vegetarian?"

"Hey, you there, what about coffee? Do we like coffee, dear belly?"

I asked the questions and listened very closely for the answers.  How do we get answers you might ask.  Easy.  Keep a journal!

HUNH? A journal?


Yup, write everything down! What time you woke up, how you felt when you did, were you hungry, what did you eat and at what time - and all that jazz!

You will soon notice that your belly makes weird noises about 30 minutes after you've had pasta, or that you want to take a nap after having coffee, etc.

The internet isn't your guide.  Society isn't your guide.  Your friends aren't your guide.  This is all YOU, you and your body need to work together to make you feel so much better.

Of course, I will cover all the other questions too.  But for today..you get to start focusing on your body.  Start writing! Start listening and trusting!  Grab a notebook and get going!

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