The Art of Letting Go... + Full Moon Ritual Cheat Sheet

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What an intense Summer...

Did you feel it too?

With all the star/moon power, Mercury Retrograde action and planets aligning... my whole world turned upside down (a couple of times!)

I kept trying to be present on social media and in my business, but really I was in survival mode for most of this Summer.

I'm still hurt, but I am also learning and growing from everything that happened..and feel ready to let go of survival to go into self-love mode!!


This Summer taught me many things.  Many lessons that I cannot put into words just yet..but it's all swirling in my mind right now. There's one thing I can start making sense of : FORGIVENESS. and THE ART OF LETTING GO.

I've had to let go of many expectations. 

The expectation of FOREVER.

The fantasy of LOVE & MARIAGE.

The expectation that he will be miserable for the rest of his life while I move on.. (although, NOT RIGHT NOW! but that's another story for another day..)

Things don't always go the way you expected them too. Not everything goes according to plan.  But when shit hits the fan, ask yourself, what can I learn from this? What is my lesson here?

Jealousy. Revenge.  Hate... Those emotions were hurting me more than him.  I had to LET GO.

I had to forgive him.  I had to forgive myself.

"When you think you surrendered, surrender a little more" - Gabby Bernstein

I also feel like I've been ALL OVER THE PLACE when it comes to my business - my purpose. This morning, it suddenly felt right: I am here to help moms make spirituality part of their busy mom lives.  I am here to help them feel connected, centered & HAPPY! I am here to help you find the tools you need to deal with this busy (chaotic) mom life and keep your sanity intact!

Through all my challenges & LIGHT got brighter.  I want to share this light and love with YOU!

I am ready to let go of the B.S. idea that I need to promise you an 6-pack to get you to follow me and listen to what I have to say.

The truth is.. I am wise.  I am strong. And I've got a message to share!

This Pisces full moon is rocking my world right now.  It is bringing me NEW energy, NEW ideas and a NEW set of priorities!

You want to harness this full moon power too?

Click HERE to grab my full moon ritual cheat sheet! 

+ Come hang out in the Happy Mama Haven Community and watch THIS live chat where I explain this ritual a little more!

I'm keeping this blog post short & sweet, but know that I am healing and also finding my path - it is freakin' mind-blowing!! Can't wait to share all of this with YOU!