When she was finally in my arms, I didn't feel the connection.  

I've been avoiding it.  Tried to tiptoe around it.  But THIS is why I am here on your computer screen today.

Fast labour & delivery can sound like a dream come true, but it wasn't for me.  The lack of time also meant lack of hormone cocktail that turns you to mush when you meet your baby.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, I had to stop pushing.  Once she was out, they took her to make sure she was OK.  It took forever (actual time, maybe 5 minutes) before I could get her in my arms.  

When she was finally in my arms, I didn't feel the connection.  

The day happened.  We had visitors and the nurses checked in every hour.  When night came, we were alone with this party animal - no sleep for this little girl and for her mama.  Taking care of her gave me a spark of maternal love.

Back at home, something was missing.  I felt like a bad mom.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed and felt like a robot going through the basic mother functions.

I was an overwhelmed mom of 2 and turned to the only thing I knew -> Health & Fitness.

As a busy & tired mom, beast mode workouts were not the way to go, so I dipped my toe into the Yoga pool.  I loved EVERYTHING about it.

The flow

The breathing

The mind/body connection

I started to research and learn more.  I came across the line ''Live Yoga off the mat''.  It spoke to me.  I decided to bring the same flow, breath & connection to my everyday life.

It was time for me to stop feeling guilty about everything.

It was time for me to stop crying myself to sleep.

It was time for me to be happy.

Since health & fitness is what I knew, I started there.

I started eating better.  More water, more fruits & veggies because I knew that food could fuel me.

I started exercising.  Yoga when I was tired and simple strength workouts when I felt more energized.

Yoga led me to the woo woo side of things.  I was re-introduced to meditation, affirmations, personal growth books and looking deep into myself for answers.

Fast forward 5 years.  I feel happy & healthy!

It took a lot of work.

It took a lot of time.

It took a lot of courage.

But, I did it, I went from overwhelmed to empowered.

Now, my mission is to help YOU take the first step to put yourself back at the top of your priority list.  I don't want you to do all of this work by yourself...and do it for 5 years!

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