My 5 best kept secrets to saving your mommy sanity...

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You've seen the articles.  You've read the books. You're doing everything you possibly can to be a cool, calm & centered mama...but something's really bugging you.

None of these people have kids!

Sure, it's all rainbows and unicorns when you HAVE 2 hours every morning to meditate, do yoga, relax in the shower and sip your coffee quietly.  But, that's not your life.  Oh, and we all know that if you start waking up at 5AM to MAKE that extra 2 hours in your day....your kids will start waking up at 4:45!! That's just how that goes!

So, what can a mom do to save herself and her sanity?

Keep reading, as I will share my best kept secrets with you!!

Mama's top 5 secrets to saving your sanity:

  1. Forget the All Or Nothing mindset! Okay, so you might not have an extra 2 hours to do ALL THE THINGS in the morning, but you can take 15 - 30 minutes for YOU!  When I started this journey, I did it all: Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading & Journaling.  It was fun..for a while.  Until it became too much, too overwhelming and was stressing me out.  NOT really the outcome I was going for.  So instead of feeling guilty and like a failure, I decided to shake things up a little and make my morning routine my own! A quick Sun Salutation & 5 minutes meditation on Monday, affirmations on post-its in my bathroom mirror was good enough for Tuesday, visualization & journaling on Wednesday, etc. AND..on days when I decide to sleep in, I take 5 - 10 deep breaths & think of 3 things I grateful for and get up to begin my day! Save your sanity - Find a way to make this work for YOU!
  2. Pick ONE! (and have a backup plan)! This should be 1b)! Make a list of things that make you feel energized, that help you grow, and that make you feel ready to take on the chaos of your mom life. (ex: read a personal development book, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, look at dreamy pictures on Instagram, do Yoga, take a hot/cold shower, etc) Then, pick ONE to do per day!  Starting your day on the positive side really helps to set the tone for the day, but don't panic if you sleep in and miss a day (or 2).  Reading a personal development in the morning is great, but it also works during 3PM break too! As I mentioned above, I have a schedule (well, a guide..I don't follow it too strictly!) but some days I just don't feel like it.  I grab my coffee and scroll on facebook and I'm totally okay with that...and I know that I've got a Sanity Saver backup plan - PODCAST! (Podcasts are like radio shows..that you actually want to listen to!) My top picks are:
    1. The Amber Lilyestrom Show
    2. The Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder
    3. Chakra Girl Radio with Amber-Lee Lyons
    4. Sacred Conversations with Rachel Camfield
    5. An excellent example of being human with Tory Dube
  3. Have a Zen Corner! Have a designated spot CLEAN and READY for you at all times.  This is important because when you have 15 minutes to save your don't want to spend 13 minutes cleaning out your chair! LOL  Zen it up as much or as little as you want, it's YOUR corner.  Add candles, incense, crystals, Buddha statues, nice cushions, a warm blanket, etc. Have fun!!
  4. Get Your Family On Board / Ask For Help! Let your partner and kiddos know that you have decided to take care of YOURSELF and that you need their cooperation.  This is your non-negotiable time..and they will have to wait until your done for their glass of water if they can't make it themselves!  I even make up posters for my kiddos, so they know if I'm having my coffee outside or in the basement.  That way, they can stop yelling my name like crazy people! + Ask your partner for extra support.  Let him/her know that this will only make you more loving and patient! ;) Can't say NO to that!
  5. Catch yourself before you wreck yourself!  It's easy to say ''I've got no time or energy for this!'' and brush it off.  I've even said that a few times myself.  BUT, I am here to tell you that even though it will take a little but of your time and energy, you will reap MAJOR rewards!  A few deep breaths, a few pages of a good book, or a quick podcast episode and WOAH - you will feel calm, cool & centered! You will be ready to take on the day's chaos and be a more loving & patient mama!  A little goes a long way..and when you're ready add a few minutes of me-time to your routine!

Are you ready to give these secrets a try?

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