Are you new here? Here's my story..

Where it all began - Are you new here?

OK, so I won't go all the way back to where it began, but I will tell you a few things about what got me on this awesome health & fitness journey!

Back in high school, I had a constant struggle with food.  It was the enemy!  I would be in total control and not eat too many calories for very long periods of time.  But sometimes I did lose control..and ate all the things, until I felt so sick that it was easy to go for a bathroom trip...  Yup, that was my high school life.  Fighting with food because I wanted to be skinny (and pretty!)

At age 20, I got pregnant.  It was my Kick in the butt number 1!  I am now growing a human, I can harm myself anymore..because I will harm him too!

I started learning about food, physical activity and how it can benefit me.  WOAH!  What an amazing journey I began.  I was learning so much, trying so many new foods and activities.  I also worked on my mental health because I couldn't let my eating disorder come back into my life.

My son changed and saved my life!

I ate well throughout the pregnancy, I made sure to eat well when I was breastfeeding him and didn't stop when he started eating solids because we were now sharing meals.  I made him homemade purées and got him to taste every single fruit and veggie that I could find.


Fast forward 3 years, I am going back to college and my son is now a fussy eater.  Our diet is made up of: Kraft Dinner, Mr Noodles and hot dogs... ummm, where did health nut Nadia go?

After college, I came back home, got a job..and found an awesome cooking class project.  After the first class, I got home and told my son I was making ''Pâté Renversé'' (hamburg, tomato soup & dough - it's delicious).  He looked at me with confusion on his face and asked me to see the box.  

- There are no box for this, it's homemade.

- But, how am I supposed to know what it's going to look like?

Kick in the butt number 2.  My son thinks food comes from a box!!!

It was then that everything changed.  Once again, I went to the bookstore and started looking online for ideas.  The eat-clean diet for family and kids by Tosca Reno is what made everything better.  My son is now 9 years old and he is still a fussy eater, but we are working on this. :)

What about me? Did I ever relapse? Yes, once!  Now, instead of feeling guilty or like I don't deserve a treat - I decided to trust my body!  HOW? Journaling, assessing, and, yes, trial and error.  It was a long journey to where I am now...and it's not over yet.

I'm not exactly sure when the shift happened, but I know that it did.  I am now an advocate for balance, yummy food and finding a physical activity that makes you happy!

Want to learn from my mistakes + do what I do?  It's easy!

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