Oh May, I am ready for you! A tale of new projects & new challenges.

Do you ever get excited at the idea of a new month?

Do you see the next 30/31 days as blank pages waiting for you to fill 'em with sparkly badass content?

I do! I love new years, new seasons, new months, new weeks, and even new days.  You always have a choice..and I choose to make each day better then the last!

May is going to be a huge month for me - business wise - I can feel it!  I just signed on as a Beachbody coach (YEAH!!!), I am working on my e-book (Double YEAH!!) and I have decided to go wheat-free for the whole month!

First things first: Beachbody!

Why did I sign up? I think it's the perfect business for me.  I'm a Personal Trainer.  I'm a coach.  This is what I do (and what I love to do), so why not take it one step further and be associated with this awesome team?!  This doesn't change much for you.  My blog will still focus on health & fitness tips and so will my social media.  This partnership only means that I get to offer you more!  For example: I am looking for 5 ladies who want to get bikini ready! Did you know that summer is only 6 weeks away?!  This challenge will rock and I am throwing in an awesome bonus (worth 597$!!) in there as well! Want to know more? Get all your questions and I'll answer them during our 15 minutes call (no sales pitch!).  Go to my calendar and pick our date!

Second: E-Book!

I've been planning this e-book since I first launched my business, but I always ended up putting it on the back burner.  Not anymore!  I am posting it here so I am held accountable! (yes, I need to be held accountable too! LOL).  It won't be too long, but it will be filled with recipes, workouts and self-care ideas!  (Click here to be the first to know about the launch - and get a sweet bonus too: I WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!)

Third: Wheat-free for 30 days!

I've been writing in my food journal for a while now and I've been noticing the effect that certain food has on my body and my mood.  What did I do about it? I put the journal aside and pretended everything was OK.. Until I felt like shit (again) and decided that I was ready to feel good, even if that meant trying to cut out stuff from my diet.  My body and my head has been telling me to stay away from wheat for a very long time.  I'm ready to listen!  I'm not necessarily going gluten-free to follow a trend, I'm cutting out wheat to see how my body responds and if it helps in making me feel better.  Imagine, no bloating, no gas, no mind-numbing headaches and a working digestive system..AHHHHHH!

Would you like to join me on this 30-day challenge?  I'm doing it for me, but you can do it for YOU!  Check out my gluten-free living Pinterest board and let me know you're ready for the challenge by tagging me on facebook, twitter or Instagram.

Isn't this exciting?!  A new month!  A new business partnership!  A new project! A new challenge!! Oh May, I am ready for you!!!

Do you have any BIG PLANS for the month of May?  Let me know in the comments!  Can't wait to see what this new month has in store for you!