New beginnings..once again.

Last week, I posted a video to my facebook page.  A video talking I wasn't talking about health and fitness around here! (watch it here PSST Avance le vidéo un peu pour voir la version française!)

As I watched the replay of Amber's webinar (lucky you, she's having another POWER-HOUR webinar soon, register here - I was a little confused by this ''Straight line Strategy'' that she was talking about.  I wasn't the only one, because the question came up!  The idea is simply to walk in a straight line toward your goal..sounds so easy, but it's something I always tiptoe around and don't often actually DO! Everything became so clear..I am sort of wasting my time!! I am talking about a bunch of random subjects and working on a bunch of random projects...without walking in a straight line! OUCH!

But WHY? I know where I want to go, why am I not doing it? FEAR! Fear that my workout clothes aren't cute enough, fear that if I don't offer a magic pill you won't like me, FEAR of everything!

So..this is it! No more hiding behind crazy ideas! Time to plan, write stuff down and get to business! 

This is my vow to you - I will walk in a straight line from now on!  I will be working on making my social media platforms more valuable for you, I will work on making my website more fun for you to visit, I will work on awesome projects and programs FOR YOU!  If there's anything you need or wish to see come out of this..leave a comment or write to me ( I will gladly do everything I can to make it happen!

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Let's get on this Journey to Health and let's have a blast while on this journey!! :)