How to achieve balance in your life in ONE easy step.

I started this blog post yesterday and planned on telling you about achieving Level 10 and how I lost my job.  Then, this morning I realized that it made no sense.  You are not here to hear me blab about my life, you are here to learn how you can make health & fitness part of your busy life.

Let's try this again!

Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be hosting a live workshop about ''The 5 tips to living a balanced life and love it - a live workshop for the overwhelmed mama'' and I think you should: 1- sign up! 2- Keep reading! :)

What does balance mean anyway?

To me, it means eating well and exercising, but also knowing that I can chill the F out and not feel guilty about having fries with that!

Take a minute to think what does living a balanced life mean to you?

Alright, you're back, let's keep going!

How can one achieve balance in their lives?  By letting go of guilt!

You know what I'm talking about right?  That knot that forms in our stomach when you order fries instead of a side salad, when you have a piece of cake at that birthday party, when you skip our workout for the 2nd (OK 4th) day in a row,... That feeling that you are being bad, have no willpower, are unmotivated and that you are basically just a big fat piece of garbage!

And you carry that guilt around ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!

Take a deep breath, my friend.  And get ready to let that sh!t go!

Really, just like this, release it.  Tell your guilt that it is no longer serving you and that it will no longer take the lead.

''You may sit in the car with me, but you are not touching my radio!''


Seriously, does it make you a bad person because you love cake? NOPE (cake is awesome!)

Does it mean that you have no willpower because you went for seconds? NOPE (It means that it was so delicious, you don't want it to end!)

Does it mean that you are unmotivated because you skip a workout? NOPE (It means you are tired and you need to chill!)

When you really stop and think about it, guilt is kind of a bitch!

She's the frenemy!  She's the girl that's always hanging out with you, but you don't really like.  You just don't know how to tell her to leave you alone!

Guilt is no longer serving you (it never really was..).  Guilt is making you feel bad.  Not cool guilt, NOT COOL!

I know that it doesn't happen over night.  That saying it is way easier than doing it.  But acknowledging it is a start.  

Of course, I'm not saying that you can pig out every single day and not give a beep what anyone says.  I mean, stop driving yourself crazy.  Yes, eating healthy and moving daily is what we aim for, but seriously, WHO DOES THAT? 

What goes on in your mind is as important as what goes in your body.  

I am ready and free to help you deal with your guilt, your willpower or your motivation.  It would be my pleasure to get on the phone and help you through some stuff.  Let's chat for 15-20 minutes and you'll walk away with answers and a plan.  Oh, did I mention it's FREE?!  

Cheers to getting rid of guilt and gaining control of your balanced life! :)