When overwhelm takes over..

Yesterday, I shared some real and raw emotions in my facebook group -> WooWoo Mama Wellness Community.  

I was THAT mom.  New mom of two who had no friggen clue what to do next.  I was sent home because..I should know what I'm doing because I've done it before...but I was scared shitless.

I had a hard time connecting with my daughter and had to re-learn everything again since my other baby..was 5!

Lack of sleep, NO alone time and the guilt of not being as present as I wanted for Ethan led me to feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and ready to quit!

Overwhelm was taking over..

I was drowning and couldn't tell anyone because, this is supposed to be the most amazing time of my life.  How can you tell your family that you HATE being a mom?

I kept everything to myself.  I tried to drop hints, but no one heard the panic in my voice so I started thinking that this was all in my head.  That maybe, I am not as fucked up as I thought.  I mean, if the experts couldn't perceive it...it couldn't be real!  

The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months.. I knew that I wasn't making this up, there was something wrong with me.  Lack of sleep and hormones are one thing, but crying yourself to sleep and feeling like you're the world's shittiest mom on the daily is something else!

I knew that the people around me were not noticing that anything was wrong and I felt like I couldn't talk to them, so I went online to find help! (I realize NOW that asking for help would have been the smart thing to do, but I felt ashamed and didn't want them to know about any of it!)

I joined Breastfeeding mama groups and found BexLife.  I suddenly realized that I wasn't alone in this.  There were many communities of mama who were sharing my struggles... I felt like there was HOPE for me.  

I took a while, but slowly I had some ah-ha moments that allowed me to UNDERSTAND and LET GO of my expectations.  I had to make SHIFTS happen!

5 years ago, I was overwhelmed and stressed out.  I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and the pressure of ALL THE expectations.  Today, I am no longer afraid of BEING ME and doing this MAMA thing as I see fit.  

5 years of trial and error.  5 years of doing this on my own.  5 years of blood, sweat and tears.  5 years...to get HERE!  HERE is where I finally ENJOY my family.  HERE is where I finally found happiness (PSST: It was inside of me!).  HERE is where I know that I don't have everything figured out, but know that everything is figureoutable! HERE is FUCKING AWESOME!

5 years...is way too long! LOL

During all those years, I gathered helpful information and tools..that I want to share with other moms!  My mission is to help moms who struggle with the pressure to be perfect, release the burden of expectations and become the best mom they can be!

Is this YOU?  If you said YES, I want to invite you to join the WooWoo Mama Wellness Community.  In this community, you will find like-minded mamas who are also on a journey to let go of expectations..and striving to become the world’s okayest moms!