Are you ready for what's next?

This morning was my daughter's preschool graduation.

This celebration is not just celebrating the NOW or how great you are at reciting the's a long look at where you were and celebrating where you are now.  Adèle started daycare/ preschool at the age of 2.  This celebration is every little thing she learned from then until now.  From recognizing an A on a piece of paper, to peeing on her own.  This day celebrates ALL OF IT.

When was the last time that you celebrated ALL OF IT?  

When was the last time that you took a minute to reflect on where you were and where you are now?

We always look forward to the future.  Think ahead.  Plan ahead.  That's awesome, but sometimes you have to have a brief look in the rearview mirror and pat yourself on the back!

To be ready for what's next, you have to be willing to see how far you've come!

Celebrate the little things.

  • have you been eating more veggies, most of the time?
  • have you been carrying your water bottle with you, most of the time?
  • did you start meal planning (or Pinterest browsing, it's the same thing! LOL)
  • did you sign up for a yoga class (even if you only attended 1-2 classes, it's a very good start)

Now is the time to reflect at the past 6 months and think back at your New Year's resolutions and think about how far you've come.  Don't look at how far you have to go...look at how different you are RIGHT-THIS-SECOND! PS: If you didn't go through with your NY resolutions, you still have time..or you can make new ones!

I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was on January 1st 2016 and I think that it's a very good thing!

In the health & fitness world, we are surrounded by fitspo images and ''strong is the new skinny'' taglines everywhere we look.  When you take a moment to block out the outside world and look back at your own journey...what can you see?

  • Do you have more energy?
  • Did your skin clear up?
  • Can you do 5 push-ups instead of 0.5?
  • Do you know what a squat is (and you had no idea before)?
  • Did you follow along an awesome workout video that you found online?
  • Did you workout while on vacation (or took the stairs instead of the elevator?)?
  • Did you find an activity you love doing?

These can seem like little, boring things, but they are cause for CELEBRATION! These are the things that really matter..HOW YOU FEEL MATTERS!

Once you start doing this, you'll notice that you are achieving your goals way faster.  You'll break through that plateau and start seeing change in your body. You'll be happier.  You'll be proud of yourself!

Just as my preschool daughter is proud of her achievements, you should be proud of yours.  Every single step counts..even if it's a step back.  

I am proud of YOU!

You can be proud of YOU!


Join the Team Journey to Health and share your mini victories with us! We'll celebrate and cheer you on! See you there!