3 ways to sneak health & fitness into your busy mompreneur life.

You look at your to-do list and think ''There's no way that I can add an hour long workout and hours of research for the perfect meal PLUS actually making the meal!

I get it & I'll never ask this of you!

Here's the deal though, giving a little wiggle room to your to-do list for health & fitness will help you be more energized, more focused and, therefore, way more productive.  It's a win-win situation here - and you are the winner.

Nutrition, or lack thereof, can cause brain fog, fatigue and lack of focus.

Physical activity, or lack thereof, can cause headaches, backaches - all kinds of aches...

Do you have the time to deal with all of this negativity?  The answer is NO!

So, if you put the two side-by-side, you'll see that taking care of yourself doesn't take that much time in the end.

Start Slow

Start Small


Here's what I suggest:


  • Eat more fruits and veggies.  You don't need to get rid of anything in your diet..just make room for more of the good stuff!  Add a handful of spinach in your morning smoothie or in your scramble eggs, have an apple as a morning snack instead of a muffin, add crunchy raw veggies to your lunch, etc.  See, it's easy!
  • Drink more water.  Buy a cute water bottle or bring your favorite cup to work and keep filling it up!  
  • Take on the bathroom squat challenge.  Now that you'll be drinking more water..you'll be peeing more.  Now is the time to introduce you to the bathroom squat challenge!  It's simple, when you go pee, take the time to do 5-10 squats. That's it! 

and download the March Fitness Calendar.  Here is the calendar that I personally use and I'm sharing it with you!  I take 20-30 minutes 3 mornings per week to workout and do 2 yoga routines as I watch TV once the kids are in bed!  This is how I decided to do it, but the choice is yours.

PSST: Instead of making you sign up on another page, just give me your email below and I will send you the calendar!