I know what to do and I take action!

13 days ago, I began my Miracle Morning journey.  I won the book by Hal Elrod and was super pumped about waking up at 5AM to take on the world.  I got my mom excited about it too and we set out to do it for 30 days!

I am tired, but that's only because I don't go to bed earlier even though I am waking up earlier.. Other than that, I think it's really changing my life.  I feel more confident and have enough optimism to go around - and that's what I have noticed so far.

(If you want more info about how you can begin your own Miracle Morning journey and transform your life before 8AM, click HERE to be redirected to the website.  PS: I am not affiliated, I really love it and want to share it with you!)

One of the things I do as part of the morning ritual is read affirmations out loud.  I went online, googled morning affirmations and printed the one that I liked best.  But one really stood out from the rest: "I know what to do and I take action".  Because, seriously, we really KNOW what needs to be done, we just like to come up with crazy excuses as to why we THINK we shouldn't! (Am I right or am I right?! LOL)

Everytime I read it, something flashes in my mind:

- No wheat.  You know that's what's making you so bloated and yucky!

- Of course you have no sign ups, you don't promote!

- Of course your social media isn't growing, you are not giving them enough VALUE.

and the list goes on..

WOAH! 13 days in and I already have a flow of Ah-Ha moments! This stuff is awesome!!

Then yesterday, I listened to Amber Lilyestrom's How to become a Productivity Powerhouse training and webinar replay. (When you click and are taken to Amber's website, you will see a clickable link at the very top of the page!) She talks about creating rituals instead of forming habits.  Habit is something that happens and ritual is something you put thought into, where you are fully present. DOUBLE WOAH!  Mind blown!

I know what needs to be done and I am ready to take action!

I am ready to create rituals in my life.  I am ready to talk about my passion and mission more.  I am ready to leave my computer once in a while and talk to ''live'' people too.  I am ready to give you more (I've been saying it, but never really doing it), more recipes, more workouts, more motivation, MORE MORE MORE!!

And I am ready to LISTEN to you more.  Seriously, my inbox is always there for you!  Leave comments or send me messages.  Let me know what you want to see on my social media and on my blog.  I am doing this to help YOU find ways to sneak health & fitness into your life!

What about YOU, my friend?  Take a few minutes to repeat this affirmation and think it through.  What do you know needs to be done? Whether it's in your personal or business life, with your health or any other aspect of your life.  You know what to do! Are you ready to take action? PS: Good is good enough.  

Another thing I want to do MORE of, are webinars (or live workshops).  It's a great way to share valuable content with a lot of people..I LOVE IT!  That's why I am inviting you to the next one.  On the call, I will share my top 5 tips to living a balanced life - A workshop for the overwhelmed mama - and it's all happening on May 19th at noon!  Click HERE to sign up!  See ya there!