What weight lifting taught me about jogging..

I've never been much of a cardio girl.  

I love to lift weights.  OK, so they're not super heavy (I work out at home..), but they create that extra resistance.

I also love to jog. WAIT WHAT?!

I always did it for the wrong reasons and hated it, until I changed my mindset around it.  Now, I sign up for our yearly 5K during the Salmon Festival and it pumps me up!  I love the meditative aspect of a good jog and I love the training and the pushing myself! ;)

The other day, I went for a jog.  Of course, a few seconds after I started jogging, my legs started burning and I felt like I had forgotten how to breathe.  OY!

That's when the self-talk comes in.  When your mindset really has to be IN IT.  And when the endurance, pushing yourself and persistence learned from weight lifting kicks in.

I would tell myself:

- You can do this! You know how this works.  It burns for a few minutes, but once you get your breathing under control and find your pace..you'll forget about the burning sensation in your thighs.
- Come on Nadia, breathe in - breathe out.  It's easy!
- You can go a bit further today.  You need to push yourself.  Come on, girl, a few more steps and you get to turn around.

I don't think that without all those HIIT workouts and extra sets, I would have been able to push myself while jogging.  I usually stop at the first sign of a challenge.  ''Oh, this could be hard..I better quit now!''

After making it all the way home, I sat down and started thinking about MINDSET and how it has so much to do with our health & fitness journey.. You have to put your MIND into it otherwise, you will find excuses!

Check out this quick video that I made after my jog: 

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