Heal your Mind, Body & Soul

Winter was dragging on..

I was feeling down.

I thought once the warm weather happened, once the sun would come out...that everything would go back to normal.  I would be happy again.

The sun came, but the happiness didn't!

I always try to handle things all on my own, but this time I texted my husband: ''I'm feeling depressed.  I know it.  And I'm doing something about it!''

I wrote down a plan so that I could get my head out of the sand and start feeling better.

Because happiness is a choice you get to make every single day..and the decision is mine to take.

I wrote stuff down.

I wanted to quit social media.  Hide in a dark space. And do this alone - but I thought ''Maybe I'm not the only one...'' so I gave a quiet shout out in my private facebook group...and people signed up!

Little did I know, I would REALLY need this program.

My husband left..

So, since I was building this program from scratch, I sat down and thought ''Okay, what do I need to work on next? What do I need to keep living my life and NOT go crazy, whether he's in it or not?''

My marriage was falling apart.

My health is falling apart.

Life stuff Kept happening..

AND, I'm a mom of two with a job to do, bills to pay, house to take care of, etc...

This is why I created this program.

My Winter was dragging on.

I needed Spring.

I needed that breath of fresh air.

I needed the Sun.

I needed the exhale!

And when I started, the Universe said ''Let's see if your sh!t really works! BOOM! More challenges!''

But I had my tools!


is what I used to help me get through Postpartum Depression.

And NOW, when life throws challenges at me, I know that I can't stay in that low vibe forever - I need to rise up!

So I'm doing this.

I wrote it all down.

8 weeks!

8 weeks of slow & steady steps to heal your mind, body & soul.

We're doing this together, you are not alone!

That's why I created this program.

I can't be the only one..

I can't be the only one getting sucker punched by life right now!

But, we can't stay in the negative vibe.

You are not meant to stay there.

Rise up!

Shine your light!

Hopefully, you are not going through drama, but if you want the tools & be ready if sh!t ever hits the fan.

If you are trying to catch your breath through the chaos...

Heal your Mind, Body & Soul is for YOU!

Here's what you get:

  • 8 weeks of content - slow steps that are easy to implement and make part of your busy mama life.
  • 4 extra weeks of implementation & up-leveling (for a total of 12 weeks together)
  • Weekly email with all the information for the week ahead.
  • Weekly facebook live training + Q & A to explain the mission of the week.
  • Private facebook group to share your wins & struggles.

What others have to say:

So very happy with this program Nadia 💖
You got me going deeper every time hihihi 👍🏼