You did it! You're a MOM!!

Now that your whole world has shifted and you've settled in with your new baby..You're starting to wonder about the ''baby weight''!  Let me stop you RIGHT NOW! This is NOT what you should be thinking about!  Take your time to enjoy your 4th trimester! Sleep when baby sleeps, enjoy visitors (give them the baby and go take a nice bath), etc. 

Once you've had your 6 weeks checkup and the doctor says you can start exercising again..I am here for you!

This program is all about self-love and self-care.  Nutritious foods and easy exercises that fit your new and very busy life!

We will focus on

  • Healthy ''baby weight'' loss
  • Nutrition for energy
  • Snacks that will give you a bang for your buck
  • Self-care
  • Postpartum info
  • Feeding baby info (breatsfeeding or bottle feeding)
  • Feeding baby tips and recipes (from 6-12 months) this way baby can be part of the healthy lifestyle!

The program will include:

  • Weekly guides
  • Calls
  • Daily self-care rituals
  • Facebook group
  • Facebook office hours
  • Plans (meal and fitness) & meal ideas for baby too!
  • Handouts (All kinds!)

Plus, as an awesome bonus, I will use my background as a Pre and Post-natal Class Facilitator and insert some Life with Baby knowledge in there, just for you!

Let's get you on the Journey to Health and MomEnergy!