Hey Mama, 

Whether you just gave birth or had your baby a while ago..you are still juggling with the same demands of motherhood.  Add to that never-ending list the fact that you are over-tired, overwhelmed and stressed out..and you're in for a hot mess.

Being a mom is no joke.  

Being a mom is hard.

Being a mom...sucks sometimes.

You are losing yourself.  You are losing your patience. You are losing your mind.  Actually, the only thing that you are NOT losing is the baby weight!

Now, imagine if you were able to lose the baby weight effortlessly while FINALLY enjoying this motherhood thing?


  • You find motherhood overwhelming and stressful more often than you enjoy it.
  • You are losing yourself in the process.  You feel like you don't know who you are anymore, what your passions are, ...
  • You are tired.  You have no energy. 
  • You often feel that pang of mom-guilt tugging at your heart.
  • You don't like what you see in the mirror.
  • You don't like what you see in the mirror and have absolutely no time to exercise.
  • You think being ''healthy'' means eating boring food that your kids won't like anyway..


  • Transform your WHOLE life and drop the stress and overwhelm that comes with motherhood.
  • Find your passion.
  • Have all-day energy.
  • Let go of the expectations that create the mom-guilt.
  • Have access to short workouts that will target every inch of your body and give you the results you want.
  • Find a way to spend time with the kids, do your chores AND take care of YOU.
  • Have access to healthy recipes...that are kids (and partner) friendly.
  • Have a community of moms for moms who will support and motivate you every step of the way.
  • Have access to a wellness coach that will guide you through ALL of it.

My name is Nadia.  I am a health & wellness coach and a Certified Personal Trainer.

I help moms who struggle with the pressure to be perfect, release the burden of expectations and become the best mom they can be! 


When I gave birth to my daughter (2nd child)..I felt lost.  She's a December baby, so I also felt trapped in my own home.  Slowly, I was building my very own prison..and it was all in my mind.

It didn't take long for my over-tired self to hate motherhood.  I wished I could go back.  I wished I could leave.  I wished I could be the Pinterest Perfect mom I wanted to be.

I wasn't!

Before my maternity leave, I had filled folders with cute clothes I wanted to wear, adorable project I wanted to do and healthy meals I wanted to cook for the family.  The fact that I went through a maternity leave before never rung a bell... LOL

I was crying myself to sleep every night because I had, yet again, failed to accomplish EVERYTHING that was on my crazy-long to-do list.  

  • Waking up feeling refreshed & energized.
  • Get dressed.  Do my hair and makeup.
  • Making a yummy breakfast for the whole family.
  • Do some educative activities with Adèle while Ethan was at school.
  • Get Adèle to take a great nap.
  • Eat a healthy lunch.
  • Do fun activities with both kids, preferably outside so they could get fresh air.
  • .Clean the house.  (Dishes, laundry and all that jazz)
  • Make a healthy supper that the whole family will eat (and love) - (OMG...I can't stop laughing at that one!!)
  • Clean the house a little more.
  • Spend quality time with the kids.
  • Do the bedtime routine.
  • Spend quality time with my partner


and yet, I was feeling so guilty when I couldn't accomplish all those things..  I felt that since I've done it once before, this should be a breeze.  It was just following the same routine..with an extra child..

It took a while for me to have my ah-ha moment, but I did.  I was fed up with feeling like shit daily.  I was even googling ''How to be a better mom''!! and then I realized..


I turned to nutrition, fitness & self-care to dig myself out of my hole of misery.  IT WORKED!

My transformation story isn't one you see, it's one you have to dig deeper to find.  It's a story of strength and love.  It's MY story!

Out of the struggle, came the solution and that's what I want to share with you, mama!

This is where the Happy & healthy mama community comes in!

The Happy & Healthy Mama Community is a monthly subscription to all sorts of goodies like:

  • Monthly themes
  • Weekly facebook live in our private group.
  • Monthly Zoom group calls + coaching.
  • Daily prompts in the facebook group.
  • 2 workouts/month (videos)
  • 1 workbook or mini-course/month (according to theme)
  • Expert interviews
  • A community of moms FOR moms.
  • Part of the enrollment profits will go to THORN.

This community is for mamas who are:

  • Ready to enjoy motherhood and let go of the burden of expectations.

  • Ready to rock some all-day energy.

  • Tired of not liking what they see in the mirror.

  • Looking for other mama friends who are going through the same things.

  • Looking for extra support & motivation.

  • Looking for a low cost option to getting all of the above.


''I am already seeing results.  I lost 6lbs in 2 weeks!'' - Valerie

''So love your approach to healthy living, Nadia.  Every time I think I have a bad day or week you always find something positive that I did or changed.  Thank You!'' - Ashley

''In 3 short months working with you, my health has drastically improved and I take less sick days than ever before.'' - Nancy.


  • Month 1: Sleep & Energy
  • Month 2: Mom-guilt & Expectations
  • Month 3: I strive to be the world's okayest mom.
  • Month 4: Saying THANK YOU to my body.
  • Month 5: Self-love is better than abs.
  • Month 6: What about ME? (self-care & asking)
  • Month 7: Nutrition
  • Month 8: Fitness
  • Month 9: Yoga & Meditation
  • Month 10: Morning routine
  • Month 11: Personal development
  • Month 12: CELEBRATE! 

Every week, I will send you an email letting you know what's new over on the community's page.  Whether it's a workout, recipe, or training..you will know.  

Everything will be in one spot.  ONE click and you access all the info.  ONE password protected webpage that you can access from anywhere, at any time.

You get all of this for 40$/month or 400$/year

You might be thinking ''I'll come back to this later.'' or ''Oh, I got time.''  You are right.  But I want to tell you this -> WHY WAIT?  Who says a new habit has to begin on a Monday, or a new month, or even a new year?  Being a mom is hard.  Finding happiness is hard.  Losing weight and getting healthy is hard...So why try to do it all by yourself?

When you join the Happy & Healthy Mama Community you will be supported! You will have a daily dose of motivation!  You will have access to me at any time!  You WILL NOT BE LEFT ALONE in this!!

The time is NOW.  Why wait? Stop waiting for a Monday, a new month or a new year...NOW is the best time to begin the rest of your Happy & healthy life!


This seems cool, but why should i invest in this Community and not another one?

In the Happy & Healthy Mama Community you get bite-sized info (busy mama friendly), access to everything in ONE spot (busy mama friendly), various topics throughout the year, access to ME - this is not a pay and download program, I'm coming along - I am here with you & for you and it is made specifically for busy moms (by a busy mom).

What if I want more?

Awesome! In that case, check out my 1-to-1 coaching.  We can personalize it to your needs.

What will I get out of this Happy & Healthy Mama Community?

You will:

  • Regain your energy
  • Let go of the expectations and the pressure to be perfect.
  • Lose weight
  • Feel great
  • Make healthy meals that the whole family will love (and probably won't realize it's healthy)
  • Gain knowledge (Teach a man to fish..)
  • Fall in love with yourself and your amazing body
  • Gain confidence

I think it's a little expensive.  Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, you have the choice to make one payment of 400$ (save 80$) or do monthly payments of 40$.