Have you ever wished that you could speak freely about motherhood without being judged or feeling ashamed?

Have you ever wished you could find a way to clear your mind of all the nonsense and the mama stress?

Have you ever wished that you could lose weight and feel great without spending hours at the gym and giving up pizzas or tacos?


What if I told you that all of this is possible..

What if I told you that I found a way, a simple way to turn your wishes into reality?


Hi, my name is Nadia Castonguay Daigle.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Wellness & Happiness coach.


As a new mom of two, I was struggling.

I thought that I would have things under control because I’ve been through this before, but all of it was brand new to me.  

The sleepless nights, the packing of the diaper bag, the crying, and the overwhelm of it all.


My goal was to take full advantage of my maternity leave.

One year of clean house, crafts with the kiddos, warm (and healthy) meals, showers, shaved legs, toned buns, and fun mama/baby activities.

I was certain that the second time around, I would be able to get my baby to sleep like a champ and be a functioning human being..

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (I seriously cannot stop laughing!)


The fact that I went through Mat leave before didn’t seem to ring a bell at all.  Instead, not being able to accomplish all the things made me feel like a big fat failure.

I felt like the worst mom ever because the house wasn’t perfectly cleaned and I didn’t always have the energy to teach Adèle her ABC’s or play with Ethan once he got home from school.

I felt like the worst girlfriend ever because I couldn’t always have a hot meal on the table when my man would come home from work…and I didn’t always have the energy to be Sexy Nadia once the kids were in bed.

I felt like a failure because…everyone else seemed to have their shit together, except me.


I felt alone.

I was crying myself to sleep.

I was even asking google ‘’How to be a perfect mother’’.

I was lost.

I found tools online.  I found groups online.  I found a way to check myself before I wrecked myself.  But it was a lot of searching and a lot of unnecessary steps.


I invented what I didn’t have.. It’s literally that simple!

And you are the lucky mama that gets to benefit from my struggles and many tears.


I wanted to create a safe space where moms could get together and be there for each other.

Whether you want to lose weight, discover new yummy recipes, find a way to go through motherhood with your sanity intact, or you’re simply looking for a group of moms who GET it… This is what The Healthy WooWoo Mama Tribe is all about.


This monthly membership program is what you’ve been waiting for.  It’s everything you need as a mom, all in one convenient spot!

Here’s what you get each month:

·        Workout calendar (with YouTube links)

·        3 workouts

·        1 yoga/stretch routine

·        2 meditations

·        2 recipes

·        2 Facebook Live trainings

·        Expert interviews

·        Mommy tips

·        Access to a secure website page (all the info on one page)

·        Access to a Member’s only facebook group.  There will be daily discussion threads, office hours, and you are free to share with us (it’s a closed group, so no one outside of the group can see what you write)


I am so excited about this tribe!!  I cannot wait to welcome in mamas with open arms.


Are you ready to be part of something bigger?

Are you ready to have a community of mamas who support, encourage and motivate you?

Are you ready to say YES to yourself?


For as little as $10.00 per month, you get all of this!  

Or, if you are ready to go all in, pay $100.00 for the whole year (that’s like 2 free months!)

You might be thinking ''I'll come back to this later.'' or ''Oh, I got time.''  You are right.  But I want to tell you this -> WHY WAIT?  Who says a new habit has to begin on a Monday, or a new month, or even a new year?  Being a mom is hard.  Finding happiness is hard.  Losing weight and getting healthy is hard...So why try to do it all by yourself?

When you join the Healthy woowoo mama tribe you will be supported! You will have a daily dose of motivation!  You will have access to me at any time!  You WILL NOT BE LEFT ALONE in this!!

The time is NOW.  Why wait? Stop waiting for a Monday, a new month or a new year...NOW is the best time to begin the rest of your Happy & healthy life!

Frequently Asked Questions:

This seems cool, but why should i invest in this Community and not another one?

In the Healthy WooWoo Mama tribe you get bite-sized info (busy mama friendly), access to everything in ONE spot (busy mama friendly), various topics throughout the year, access to ME - this is not a pay and download program, I'm coming along - I am here with you & for you and it is made specifically for busy moms (by a busy mom).

What if I want more?

Awesome! In that case, check out my 1-to-1 coaching.  We can personalize it to your needs.

What will I get out of this Happy & Healthy Mama Community?

You will:

  • Regain your energy
  • Let go of the expectations and the pressure to be perfect.
  • Lose weight
  • Feel great
  • Make healthy meals that the whole family will love (and probably won't realize it's healthy)
  • Gain knowledge (Teach a man to fish..)
  • Fall in love with yourself and your amazing body
  • Gain confidence

I think it's a little expensive.  Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, you have the choice to make one payment of 100$ (save 20$) or do monthly payments of 10$.